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Remote mixing and mastering

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Source is the key.

Online mixing and mastering
Recording classical music, chamber music and acoustic instruments

Loudness war is almost over. Most popular streaming platforms (like Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Youtube) have selfmade loudness normalization algoritms and today there is no needness to make overcompressed masters. This masters are loud and that's all. In direct comparision on equal volume with less loud mastered mixes they lose in quality and normal aesthetic perception, they sounds poor.

I do the mastering given the nuances, that are used in iTunes, Spotify, Youtube and Tidal for normalizing audio. Only Youtube used this function without on/off opportunity nowadays . It's "on" constantly. But It may be everywhere soon. It's logical and all goes to this.

For mixing your music I need your demo mix in mp3 format or wav or anything else. But I need it.
Please send me all tracks for mixing in wav. format (24bit 44-96Khz, depends on tracking).
Bounce all audio tracks with all your equalization, compression, saturation and other plugins "on". I need your real balance. I need to hear and understand your production. All dimensional effects (reverbs, delays...) export like individual audio files.

I can work NDA.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Gear Highlights
  • antelope
  • schoeps
  • aea
  • sennheiser
  • focal
  • beyerdynamic
  • electro voice
  • audio technica
  • rode
  • softube
  • grace design
  • telefunken
  • presonus
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