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I am a classically and jazz trained music composer, orchestrator, sound designer and mixer, mastering engineer, and virtuoso keyboardist. I have been involved with many projects, varying from film music, audio post-production - to songwriting and pop music production. Mastering is a passion of mine, which I have done for Wilco.

• Compose and produce music for trailers, commercials, and reality TV
• Produce and synthesize sound effects, synth patches, beats, drones, strings, and horns sections
• Compose, arrange, mix, and master tracks for commercial release
• Produce vocalists and performing bands
• Produce orchestral, electronic, pop, rock, and other contemporary music genres
• Create beats by integrating live recorded percussion, drum machines and samples
• Synthesize new sounds and edit patches on analog and virtual instruments
• Work with Omnishpere, Trillion, Massive, Absynth, Stylus RMX, Battery, Kontakt, Vienna Ensemble
• Use EQ, compressors, filters, Waves, Native, and variety of plug-ins and effects
• Employ classical piano performance and music theory knowledge
• Orchestrate and arrange music for big ensembles and classical orchestras
• Produce high-quality vocals with the most innovative technology
• Remaster audio stems with linear multi-band compressors, analog and digital saturators, stereo spreaders, multi-band limiters, etc.
• Produce dance music remixes

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