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Founded in 2018 by Benjamin Lincoln, Middle Mastering provides artistic music mastering for a diverse community of sound creatives across the globe. With a clear focus on enhancing sonic character and artistic vision whilst retaining mix integrity, Benjamin creates masters with depth, clarity and power using custom // modified analogue equipment.

The studio...

At its heart is a highly customised monitoring chain allowing incredible insight into the overarching feel // musicality and the subtle minutiae of sound. Instant connection and response is everything in mastering; this chain keeps me working fast and direct, always with an appreciation for the art. A powerful and short, point-to-point wired analogue processing path has been tastefully chosen for its punch, openness and musical impact.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Gear Highlights
  • ATC SCM50A speakers
  • Prism ADA-8 converters
  • SPL PQ equalizer
  • custom passive gain stage
  • 2400 Audio Imperium
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