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Sound engineer GRADUATED IN 2016 working for various concerts halls and theatres. 3 TYPES OF SERVICES : 1. AUDIO RESTORATION for your CONFERENCE recordings, OLD CASSETTES, DEMOS, LIVE AUDIENCE RECORDINGS. 2. MIXING for alternative bands (Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Dreampop, Post Rock, Folk...), movie soundtracks... 3. MASTERING with an analogue WARMTH


Let's say you've recorded a CONFERENCE or SPEECH and want to get rid of noise.
This is my speciality !
Hiss, hum, rumble, noise removal tools have no secret for me.

You want to resurrect your OLD BAND DEMO recorded on cassette,your favorite mixtape or you've done a LIVE AUDIENCE RECORDING of your favorite band and want save a clean copy.
PROBLEM : there's a bad signal to noise ratio, noise, hum or hiss, unbalanced equing.
This is my second speciality !
I've worked on those audio issues for years on my own audio archives, remastering bootlegs of my fav bands, cleaning bands demos and rehearsals ...

You have a band but don't have access to professional tools. You've made a raw recording of each instrument separately and need a CLEAN MIX to publish a promo CD, find a record company, gigs...
Send your tracks and i'll do the job with the right settings !


1. FREQUENCY ANALYSIS guaranteeing a well balanced mix preserving harmonics.

2. DB LEVEL CHECKING at every step of the process of mixing to make sure that there is no digital saturation at all (ex: inputs and outputs of equalizers, level meters between plugins).

3. MASTERING RESPECTING TRANSCIENTS AND TIMBERS OF INSTRUMENTS (de-phaser, limiter, no abusive use of compression) .

4. TAPE SIMULATORS giving ANALOGUE WARMTH to the master.

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  • My Bloody Valentine
  • Slowdive
  • Sonic Youth
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