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As a Pisces, I feel. . . EVERYTHING.. good, bad or indifferent and the convergence with my inner artisan, gave it all purpose. As a creator, I reverberate whatever truth that stirs from within...and much like an annoying little kid, my spirit makes a naked beeline for the stream of creative consciousness... Yes, creation is why I was created.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, professional published vocalist, Lyricist, songwriter continue and can perform live or do Studio sessions. I learned how to audio engineer, working and living with Avid trainer, James Creer ( Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston, rabbit in the Moon, Kevens, Black Eyed Peas, Outkast and more). We. Founded both God Goddess and Saturnine, with our guitarist, Chuck lenihan (carnivore a.d, Christian death, genitorturers, crumbsuckers and more). The three of us performed, recorded and created together for over 20 years. God Goddess is a Cleopatra records band with several national releases and a sizable catalog, which is where I cut my teeth recording and mixing endless hours and basking in the glory of creative Bliss. To this day, I jokingly still refer to them both as my "baby daddies"- because we created these little Immortal entities that only wish to catch your ear long enough to sink their little teeth into your emotions, hoping to hijack and terraform your mundane existence and playlist into something that it makes you think and feel. Sometimes for purpose, other times for nothing more than pure entertainment.. I bring this type of depth and knowingness to every band, project, job that is music or anything artistic, for that matter.

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  1. Review by mike
    by mike

    Tank is the most epic artist I've ever met!


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