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High-end mastering, low-key dude. Unlimited Free Revisions. Millions of Streams.

My name is Joseph Freeman and I work under the company name Freeman Mastering.

I'll deliver a final master that's bright without being harsh, punchy without being muddy, and that sounds as good in earbuds as it does car stereos. All with the loudness to compete with mainstream records.

Let's bring your mixes to the next level. Click the contact button up top and I'll get back to you asap.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

62 Reviews - 1 Repeat Client

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  1. Review by Erik Jonasson

    Joseph gave me great support on the mix for five of my songs. His feedback was clear and spot on. He also helped me to do the mastering of these songs and also here de delivered in style!

  2. Review by Ellara
    by Ellara

    Joseph is an incredible professional with a kind, collaborative, and expert approach. We worked on one song together. He provided good and helpful feedback at each step. He clearly understood everything I wanted from the song and delivered a beautiful product. I would work with him again in a heartbeat. Thank you, Joseph!

  3. Review by Erik J.

    Joseph helped me out with a mix for a song and I am very satisfied with the result. He gave detailed feedback regarding the changes he did and the communication was super smooth. I will continue to work with Joseph on an upcoming project and I would recommend other people to do so as well!

  4. Review by Luca B.

    A legit five stars!

    Joseph is a real pro with great communication and great skills. My song landed in the "singer-songwriter" realm and he knocked it out of the park with some tasteful choices. Revisions were made in a timely fashion and only took us a couple to get the track perfect.

    A consummate pro

  5. Review by Nancy D.

    Joseph is the best! Really great person who makes the work fun. Great communicator, project manager and audio production skills. Joseph is forever one of my go-to producers.

  6. Review by Rachel Mansfield
    by Rachel Mansfield

    Joseph does not play when it comes to mastering! I’m always amazed with how fast the track is back in my hands. You can hear the attention to detail he puts whenever you get it back!

  7. Review by Seth Huff
    by Seth Huff

    Joseph delivered a pro quality master of my last production/mix efficiently. Super easy to work with as well. I would highly recommend him to master your next track!

  8. Review by Sam
    by Sam

    Got the chance to send some business back to Joseph after having worked on my own personal project back in 2021 with him. No one beats his communication, simple approach, and knowledge of what can make a mix stand out and truly be its best. I think both my client and I were extremely happy with how the new project turned out. He is THE dude for my mastering needs and always has such great mix notes for me. Highly recommend 10/10 always

  9. Review by Isabel Wing
    by Isabel Wing

    Joseph is the best to work with! Not only is he super professional and his knowledge is vast, he offers great suggestions and is willing is work on a project until it's absolutely perfect (and with such patience). He understands the sound I'm seeking and always delivers a great product, I love working with him and would recommend him to anyone.

  10. Review by Dakota Theim
    by Dakota Theim

    I've worked with Joseph before and once again I was extremely satisfied with his work. Not only is he a great communicator, he also mastered my track in a very timely manner. He knows what he is doing and is super easy to work with. He also gave me super thorough feedback on my mix before he mastered it, which was super helpful for someone who is trying to get better at mixing. I will definitely be working with Joseph again very soon!

  11. Review by Carter
    by Carter

    Joseph has mixed and mastered a couple different projects (solo project and a band project) and both times I have been thoroughly impressed with his professionalism and his work. The mixes and masters were exactly what I was looking for, and everyone I've shared them with has said the quality is top notch. If you're thinking about using Joseph, stop thinking and just do it--you won't regret it!

  12. Review by Rosalind Joy
    by Rosalind Joy

    Joseph has mastered 3 of my releases now and we love working with him. His work ethos & generosity are so unrivalled that his advice and mastering skills are pretty much invaluable to us! You will find that his ears are superhuman when it comes to picking out those trouble frequencies and knowing exactly what to do to get the best out of your mix when it is ready for mastering. Highly recommend you work with him for your next project and your songs will be shining!

  13. Review by Matthew McCue
    by Matthew McCue

    This is my second time using Joseph for my mastering. As expected, he was professional, easy-going, and a master at his craft. Absolutely love how the songs turned out. Thanks Joseph!

  14. Review by Roz & Josh
    by Roz & Josh

    This project was very different to our previous with Joseph, we were working under time constraints and didn’t think it would be possible to have his help with it. However, Joseph was enthusiastic, optimistic, fast-working, flexible with expectations and completely heard and understood our vision. Working with him is always fun, easy and invaluable to the quality of our final masters!

  15. Review by Piers
    by Piers

    I've collaborated with many music professionals and Joseph is 100% at the very top of the list. He combines his keen ear with complete warmth and professionalism, providing exact feedback and notes while being supportive and kind. He's my go to guy when it comes to mastering and I plan on utilizing his talents indefinitely.


  16. Review by Joacim Oksanen
    by Joacim Oksanen

    Super helpful for newbie musicians (like me). The mastering process was smooth and suggestions and corrections were welcomed! Getting in contact was quick, despite having about 10h of difference in timezones.

  17. Review by Matt
    by Matt

    Joseph was an absolute blast to work with! A great communicator with valuable insight and an expert approach, he was supportive and flexible throughout every step of our mastering process -- looking forward to collaborating with him more in the future!

  18. Review by Christopher Lovell
    by Christopher Lovell

    It's always such a pleasure to work with Joseph. He's efficient, creative and always on time. Super professional and kind. Which is so necessary when working with artists during these times. A great teammate to have during the creative process. Thank you Joseph!

  19. Review by Emily Baroody
    by Emily Baroody

    From the initial contact to the very end, working with Joseph was an absolute JOY. His expertise, his investment in the project, and his attention to detail was very evident, and we felt heard and valued throughout the entire process. 5 stars for communication! Joseph was super quick to respond to any emails/questions, and was incredibly organized and thorough in his annotated notes. Also, he just seems like an all around genuinely GREAT dude and we really really enjoyed his energy, passion, and enthusiasm. He truly made the process such a breeze, and we were thrilled with the end result!

  20. Review by Julia
    by Julia

    Joseph is such a solid producer, mixer, and masterer. I was really happy with the final product of the two songs he helped me out with, and was especially impressed by is super great with communication. I never got on the phone with him but never even had to- because his email communication was always crystal clear. I love how he proactively gives me dates of when to expect mixes and revisions, and is always on time! I hope to work with him again!!

Interview with Freeman Mastering

  1. Q: What's the biggest misconception about what you do?

  2. A: That mixing can fix a bad performance or composition. Nail the performance and write a song you can stand by no matter what production choices.

  3. Q: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  4. A: Communication is key. If you don't feel like the mixing engineer, or anyone you hire remotely to work on your music, doesn't communicate clearly and effectively, doesn't manage expectations well, and isn't transparent about their process, that's a big red flag.

  5. Q: How would you describe your style?

  6. A: Fun! Mixing music full time is a dream come true, I bring joy and excitement to every project I work on. If you're passionate about the song, so am I!

  7. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  8. A: Never cut corners during the recording process. So often artists do a haphazard job recording the tune and hope that it'll all come together during mixing. Garbage in, garbage out. During production, after you finish recording anything, constantly ask yourself - "If this was released pretty much as is, no mixing, would I be happy with it?". That's how high the bar should be.

  9. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  10. A: Communication. More than my technical chops, I know how to talk about music, production, songwriting, and mixing.

  11. Q: What's your typical work process?

  12. A: I look to start every collaboration with a conversation - I want to know what your production goals are and how you hear the song in your head! Once we get on the same creative page, I'll do a first mix and we'll go into revisions. There are no limit to the amount of revisions - I want to make sure the artist gets things exactly how they want them.

  13. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  14. A: Two of my favorite musician/producers are Sufjan Stevens and Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter - I love their work and admire how hands-on they are with the process. They have a clear idea of what they want out of production before they even begin, but aren't afraid to experiment if they're inspired.

  15. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  16. A: Most frequently I mix music, usually anything that falls under the indie/singersongwriter umbrella (indie rock, alt, singersongwriter).

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Turn around time for a single master is usually within 2 days. There are no limits of revisions.

Gear Highlights
  • Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen
  • JBLs LSR 308s
  • Neumann TLM 103
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