3D Binaural Mixing, Composing

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Greetings! I am a composer and mixing engineer who specializes in three-dimensional binaural mixing. My job is to give the listener more sense of space, greater volume, more emotion, extract sound beyond the mind!

3D Binaural Spatial Mixing, Standard mixing, composing in genres: metal, rock, ambient, soundtrack.
What is binaural audio?
Binaural literally means "having or relating to two ears." Binaural hearing, along with frequency cues, lets humans and other animals determine the direction and origin of sounds. Similar to diotic which is used in psychophysics to describe an auditory stimulus presented to both ears. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Сan simulate sounds anywhere in space. For maximum 3D effect listener must use headphones. If listener using a standard stereo then speakers should be arranged symmetrically and to be flush with the head.

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War - Low Rider

I was the 3D Binaural Post Mixing in this production

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