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12 years of experience as a electronic music producer. So far over 40 releases (vinyl and digital), remixes, and underground bootlegs for personal DJ use. As a professional sound enginer, sound designer, audio editor and ADR engineer working last 8 years at oldest croatian movie production facility. Mastering experiences..

As I mentioned in introduction, I have pretty wide spectrum of skills in audio production and post. All of part time jobs I do at my well equipped home studio (sound design, editing, mixing, mastering....). I use both digital and analog tools to achieve optimal results. Accurate monitors I work with last 6 years are one of my favorite tools, but I also rely on my Ultrasone headphones and Fostex 6301b as alternative listening...
As a enginner I am trying to think as neutral and standardized as possible, but as an artist and producer I experiment with all possible tools I can get my hands on. Also, always planning new investments (commercialy available and DIY) in any piece that can make my sound better, more original, or more "expensive". As a enginner at Croatia Film using DAW mostly

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Terms Of Service

when mastering, I prefere to follow wishes and instructions of artist/producer. My goal is to build reputation on satisfite customers..

Gear Highlights
  • Genelec 1032a
  • BFE Filtek Mk2
  • SB 4000 compressor (moded with Pikatron out trannys..)
  • EMT 257 racked
  • Schlumberger Ups 4000 pres and eq
  • UAD2
  • MCU.....
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