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not in need, but in listening to the needs. waiting for the right alchemic insight which may take us to the simple right step. learn the properties of the land which we're going to work, don't ask for impossible to grow fruits. welcoming a music project is to prepare a space to be inhabited, confortable and respectful of expectations of its core.

i've grown up among sounds and instruments, son of a musician who was son of a musician.
as i could lift the piano top and get access to the keyboard, i started to touch it. then, when ten, papa passed me first guitar chords. started recording with my portable '80 radio, making first overdub experiments by playing while recording on a second (mamma's) sanyo tape recorder.
got my first tascam 244 when i was 14, and began to know eq and pan knobs.
at 21 with my friends, before being all shot by our neighbours, we decided to take an underground old cellar in working-class quarter of Bagnoli, which became frequented by most bands at the time.
there, i practiced artistic production and recording with our new tascam 8 tracks tape recorder and then with my first DA88 digital. played and recorded with my band Gatti Distratti dalla Luce negli Occhi and with all friends who asked me to record/produce their demos and records. that meant for me joining in with my instruments and become an additional band member, who proposed arrangements and solutions. i put on-tape all kind of stuff from trad to metal, inc. the whole neap. punk scene! this is still my way. then i moved in a big country house in the volcanic area of Cuma and my work extended much to traditional and popular music from Mediterranean. so far, I have recorded a hundred "things": pre-productions, CDs from choirs to klezmer.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

2 Reviews

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  1. Review by Max
    by Max

    Davide is a good friend and a compelling musician. He has a great soul and a lateral way of thinking that can prove valuable in any production.

  2. Review by Francesco Banchini
    by Francesco Banchini

    Davide is a passionate musician and a great professional in the music field. Davide is an outstanding musician, composer, and sound engineer. Work with Davide will enable you to shape your creativity and ideas. He is a genius!


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write to reciprocally understand how and wheter we could be

Gear Highlights
  • simple basic equipment
  • some mikes of the most used (57 and 58
  • ribbon
  • small or large diaphragm condensers
  • one Neumann U87 etc.)
  • a 15" Mac
  • studio monitors and lots of instruments
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