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Mix Engineer, Composer, Studio

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Hi, I'm Josh - a sound engineer, composer, producer and musician specialising in mixing, editing, production/arrangement and recording. I have experience working with electronic music, bands, singer-songwriters and podcast/dialog editing. I am also an experienced guitarist and can write and record guitar and many other instruments for your music.

I can help to professionally record, produce and mix your music to take your demos and ideas to the next level. I strive to make sure that your music stands up well next to other professionally produced/mixed music while staying in tune with the artists vision and not sacrificing originality. I enjoy working closely with artists to help them realise their own sound and I have experience working across a variety of genres.

I can also help you to record high quality podcasts, audiobooks and voiceovers. I have access to professional voice recording equipment, studios and editing/mastering tools.

Hourly rates start at $30/h and vary depending on the project. Please get in touch to discuss discounted package deals tailored to your project. I have access to various studios at different prices to suit your needs.

I work mostly in Pro Tools and Ableton using a large library of professional software - analog modelling plugins, virtual instruments and editing/mixing tools. I also have access to studio spaces with a variety of microphones and outboard equipment.

Services include:
- Recording instruments
- Editing and timing correction
- Vocal tuning and editing
- Drum editing, production and sample replacement
- Mixing and mastering
- Podcast/audiobook recording, editing and mastering
- Production, writing, arrangement
- Synth and drum programming

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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