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I'm a Brazilian music producer, drummer since 9 years old and living with music since always. I'm ready to work with you in amazing brand new projects.

I have been a music producer since 2014 when I started my first professional work with soundtracks for audiovisual projects. At that time, I worked in my own home studio and in partnership with some larger studios. I developed skills in software like Pro Tools and Logic, as well as programmed midi using plugins like Kontakt and expansions, Omnisphere, Superior Drummer, etc. Throughout my career, I worked several times along with video professionals, which required me sound design skills, foley recording and advanced editing, as well as eclecticness to produce soundtracks for different styles. I recently participated in the sound branding of large companies, supporting videos with sound branding and soundtracks for advertising campaigns.

In 2016, I started work at Chalet 8 Studio. As a principal producer, I had the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art analog equipment, producing, recording, mixing and mastering all the works that have been there since. I was responsible for the production of artists from varied styles such as gospel, rock, folk and pop. In my current position, I'm a co-producer for a Youtube channel called Nossa Toca, arranging, recording instruments and editing. Since 2014 when the channel has been launched we released about 60 video clips as well as live recordings, counting more than 30 million views.

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Vestido Colorido by Malbec Trio

I was the Producer, Audio and Mixing Engineering in this production

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