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Musician,Sound Designer

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I am an artist and very passionate musician. I am self-taught(more or less) in every discipline I know. I have spent many years to develop the skills to understand the music by working on different projects with different artists. I have had various bands as well as music groups so I am very familiar with all kinds of music equipment.

As a musician I can play few instruments:
- Drums ( primary instrument )
- Bass Guitar ( secondary instrument )
- Percussions
- Mouth Harmonica
- Keys/Piano
I can work on few softwares:
- FL Studio
- Soundforge
- Cool Edit Pro
- Cubase
- Reason

Music - Recorded,Mixed and Mastered
- Hiv Crew
Tracks: Otstapi, Stihovna Invazija, Kaboom, Oficijalno Pijani, Che Guevara, Hakuna Matata, Ganja Still, Sakate Ushte, 3-Mit-Dinamit, Kluchot Na Pobedata
- 3-Set
Tracks: Vtora Runda, Bez Cenzura, Koga Sjaam, DC Gangbang,
- Ola Dios
Tracks: Free Music Ft. Dasha, Orange Over Zombie, Analyze Some Shit, Wait Fo Da Cat
- DC Squad
Tracks: Sedi Miren, Sfati Li, Nekad Ft. Dido & Velche - Posilen
- Orange Groove
Tracks: Orange Over Zombie, Na Stilot Rabotam, Pogan Jazik, Toj E Badass, Svetlata Strana/The Bright Side Ft. Maali,
and my recent work - The Smoking Skin - Coffee Breaks and Bad and Free ( Jazz/Funk/Rock Band )
and many demo works and various artists.

ATTENTION: The soundcloud profile is an old one, a new profile and fresh works coming SOON...

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Orange Groove - Toj e Badass

I was the Beatmaker,Sound Engineer and Vocalist in this production

Terms Of Service

Most of the time we work one by one, project by project, step by step. Usually it takes 1-2 weeks to 1 month to complete a song depends on how much work there is. Costs: Beat+Mix+Mastering=Price

Gear Highlights
  • AKG 420 Perception
  • AKG K512
  • Sonor Drumset
  • 2 Peavey Amps
  • M-Audio Axiom 49
  • Lexicon - Omega
  • Big Ass Speakers
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