4'33" Musical Production on SoundBetter

30 seconds is the average lenght of a radio spot. 2 minutes, 17 seconds is the average lenght of an YouTube video. 2 minutes, 42 seconds is the average lenght of a hit song. 4 minutes, 33 seconds is the lenght and title of the music piece by John Cage, from 1952, showing that you could even make music out of silence.

4’33″ is a creative collective for music and sound design production to any media format. It arises from a collective view of the world’s current audio production reality: the relation between advertising, content and original music which grows closer and closer in aesthetic terms.

Andrio Maquenzi, Brenno Di Napoli, Thiago Grün, Valmor Pedretti Jr.

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Gear Highlights
  • We use custom made pre-amps from Elephamp.
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