Andrew Grosse / Audio Engineer

Mixing, Production & Mastering

Andrew Grosse / Audio Engineer on SoundBetter

Exciting & unique editing, mixing, production and mastering work via a hybrid of digital and analog processing.

I'm an audio engineer of 8 years. I specialize in tracking, editing, mixing, production, sound design, audio restoration and mastering.

I use digital for editing and tracking efficiency and analog processing for warm, natural sounding mixes. It's my goal to make every moment lively by utilizing production ideas to keep a song moving and exciting. My feeling is you learn all of the rules and go to protocols for how to treat elements and styles of music so that you can break them (appropriately) when it calls for it.

I keep in good touch along the way with the client I'm working with. I often create discussion videos via youtube to explain anything production wise that I have done to enhance the song to make sure the client and I are on the same page.

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Terms Of Service

I create a quote on the work load of the session which includes one round of revisions.
Turn around wise, a single song would take a day or two, an EP about 3 days and a full record about a week.

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