Sourav Raj Biswas

Indian Musical Artist

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Sourav Raj Biswas is an Indian Musical Artist, Writer & Entrepreneur.

He was born on 7th May 1999. Sabroom City, Tripura, India. Sourav Raj Biswas started his musical career in 2018 with an Album title " Blue Moon in the Pond " from renowned audio and digital marketing company " TBDS Music Firm ". Sacrificing his teens for a bright future has worked in his favor. As the result, today he is giving people "Many Good Pieces Of Music" & also helping people to promote their "Brand & Business" with his skills. He is also working with many musical companies & also helping them how to improve their music career also.

He is the founder and CEO of 'TBDS Music Firm' which is basically a music industry & also a full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to promote their business outcomes. Sourav Raj Biswas has a deep understanding of what it takes for a business to completely crush it on the social media landscape. He has released and worked on more than 15 albums and composed about 140 songs.

In 2018, he created an organization called "TBDS Music Firm" for the general public. He started digital marketing through content projection and distribution on behalf of various agencies. He also promotes multiple products online.

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