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For some time now, I have been creating songs (I write lyrics and make the melody) that I am commissioned by people who are looking for an original gift for a relative, partner or friend. They tell me the story they want to convey, and I make a song about it.

I always compose the melody with my favorite and main instrument, which is the guitar. At the same time, I have a notebook where I write all the lyrics. In the process of creation, I exchange ideas with the person who has given me the song as a gift so that he/she feels involved and can tell me along the way what orientation he/she would like the song to have. That is to say, what would they like to transmit through this gift. Since last year, I do it as a job. After having it elaborated, I produce it in a recording studio. Then, I give the song to the person who commissioned it. It can be broadcast or not on the networks, according to the client's preferences. What I like most about the process is being able to set a story to music. I think it's a very emotional way to give someone a gift. And the nicest thing of all is that it is a gift that lasts a lifetime and you can reproduce it as many times as you want. At the same time, if someone who is a singer asks me for the song, I create the melody and the lyrics so that person can sing it wherever they want.

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