Lucien Leclerc

Mix engineer

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Musician, producer and sound engineer living in Lausanne. Working at Studio de la Fonderie in Fribourg (Switzerland)

Lucien Leclerc’s passion for playing and producing music started when he was very young. He began with the piano and then the drums until at fourteen years of age, he found his preferred instrument, the electric bass. Two years later he began the school of contemporary music (Ecole des musiques actuelles) in Geneva, Switzerland where he trained in computer-assisted music, instruments and solfege, and after completing his studies, he obtained a diploma.

In 2016 Lucien’s candidature was accepted by the reputed Conservatory of Music (Haute Ecole de Musique), in Lausanne, Switzerland, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with honours in contemporary music with Philippe Weiss, Seb Kohler and Mandrax. After his studies, Lucien focused mainly on his bands, where the music varied between dub, rock, heavy metal and pop. He also consecrated time on producing music and sound engineering.

Lucien obtained further experience by undertaking internships as Assistant Sound Engineer, during which time his work was appreciated by artists such as Makala (Radio Suicide – 2019) or Billie Bird (Les Déferlantes – 2018). From 2020 to present, Lucien collaborates as an operator at the Studio de la Fonderie in Fribourg, where he devotes his full time to recording, producing and mixing discs in the studio.

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