Shining Dust

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I love producing and playing my music through the best mix of analogical and MIDI sound! The result is a new and fresh Electropop!

The project was born following my personal evolution – theoretical, conceptual and musical – mixed with my artistic previous experiences.
I found inspiration from the dicotomy between the words Shining and Dust, that, put together, create a strong expression that underlines the symbolic meaning they have for me. With my music, I try to show the path I see to reach the Shining starting from the awareness of a human condition linked to Dust.
My creations arises from the doubt of where human nature is heading (from dust to shine or viceversa), and with the objective of spreading this question in the hope of a constructive dialogue.
My music is a mix of electropop, pop rock, trip hop and dance, and text are written in Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Furthermore, my project places side by side sounds and words, photos and videos, form of art able to strengthen a message through evocation, provocation and escape of space and time often too defined.

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