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Get your songs mix/mastered on a professional level with the Hybrid Setup installed in our studio. You want the Analog warmth we have got it baby, we also have the in the box digital ease. If you want both (which we recommend), you are knocking at the right door. Listen to our records and if you like the sound, hit us and we could talk !!!

Our services include
1) Song arrangement
2) Mixing (Digital or Analog or Hybrid)
3) Mastering

Our Signal Path

1. Analog Mixing desk (GL 3300, 32 Channel Analog Mixing Desk)
2. AD/DA converters that can convert upto 192 Khz Sample rate
3. Analog Compressers to add the analog warmth
4. Pro tools to blend everything back into the digital world
5. Genelc for the true sound of monitoring

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Terms Of Service

We work on a feedback model. We can work on revisions untill the client is satisfied with the product. We believe in relationships than money. Lets make better music than a business deal is our agenda

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  • Alpavirama - Short FIlmNov 14, 2015

    Alpavirama is a Kannada short film directed by Abhijith Y.R and the background music is composed and produced by us.
    Please have a look