Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Sulle Sathya is a Kannada movie for which we have composed several tracks.

Recording Studio - Studio 7

Get your songs mix/mastered on a professional level with the Hybrid Setup installed in our studio. You want the Analog warmth we have got it baby, we also have the in the box digital ease. If you want both (which we recommend), you are knocking at the right door. Listen to our records and if you like the sound, hit us and we could talk !!!

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Recording & Mixing.  - Mix Town Global

Joseph Byrley, been in the music industry since I was a young lad. 10+ years behind analog and digital boards.

Electronic, Remix, Trad  - VicW

Hi, I specialise in electronic music, have a mainly analogue studio but record on Logic. Love old hardware. Love analogue sound. But the rule is Forget the Hype, Listen. To your ears, then go with, trust your intuition. And check, always, on other speakers, reference.

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Karl Richardson

Pro quality audio production for reasonable prices! Original compositions, mixing, mastering, SFX, whatever you need! Have been called 'a master of my trade'.

Hip hop,trap cloud rap,emo rap - Zephyr

I am new to the game of singing, but my family background is impressive in singing. I have decided to join in and see what I can do. Lets grow together.

Session Guitarist - Kyle Dewitt

I've been playing guitar for over 13 years and in that time have become an expert in genres such as Rock, Folk, Punk, Funk, Pop, and many more. Whether it's electric or acoustic, lead or rhythm, guitar solos or fingerpicking, I'm the guy to help you get your song to where it needs to be.

Music Producer/Artist - PsybesOfficial

Need some mastering for tracks you just finished? Maybe a bit of mixing to get that right sound you feel like you’ve been missing? I’m definitely capable of making your track sound radio worthy.

Make Beats - Arie Skyes

Hip Hop, Alternative, and Pop is what I do most. Also make Album Covers and Thumbnails

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