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Soundtrack Unlimited provides recording, mixing, producing, and programming, with multi-instrumentation, and composition. We also curate live music, MCs and DJs for weddings, parties and events.

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Paul Beaudry is a recording engineer, producer and composer/songsmith with 20+ years experience. In Bellingham, WA, USA, he attended Western Washington University/Fairhaven College, taking the audio engineering program, and classes on the science of sound. The audio apps used are Ableton Live and Protools with MIDI and OSC programming.

As a multi-instrumentalist and singer, Paul can add great parts to your songs using the following instruments: bass, guitar, mandolin, vocals(lead/backing), harmonic/throat-singing, keys, saw, drums, flute, sax, electronics, and samples. A network of musicians of all kinds (strings, horns, harp, etc) is also available.

Paul composed and produced music for the performance group Manifold Motion. For the Ludum Dare game design competition, he was the composer and sound designer for a game called Vice Grip. In addition, Paul wrote parts and played all or most the instruments for Guns Guns - Kiss Kiss, David Guilbault - Gone, and Colin Bradford - (work in progress).

Paul Beaudry and Caleb Bue organize the music for weddings and other event. This often involves live music and DJing tailored to your liking.

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Guns Guns - The Brave

I was the Engineer, Mixer, Producer, Instrumentalist in this production

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