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Genre-defying recording artist, composer and producer doll machine electrifies stages with her unique and culture-challenging performances. She’s co-written with Grammy-nominated Telepopmusik, house legend DJ Robbie Rivera and is currently working on a collaboration with Grammy-winning artist, Really Doe.

hi! i am doll machine. i am very new to this website. but not new to the business.

i have a pretty wide range. tell me what you want. i can probably do it. anything from punk to hip hop, techno to r&b, pop to jazz.

you can look up my solo project on spotify. my past project was a duo project called dreamfreak and is on spotify as well where i did my robbie rivera and christoph heiter (telepopmusik) collabs.

here's what i am looking for: not really here for the money. although it would be nice to get funding for my music project. but i need exposure. i am a solo artist at heart and i write and produce all my own music. i am open to many different kinds of deals if i like the music enough.

i was featured in SPIN Magazine’s Day in the Life segment where i give you a small peak into my world. and i recently opened for Cypress Hill.

“her music is like watching the news on LSD” - barack obama

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  • Grimes
  • Crystal Castles
  • Die Antwoord
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