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Electronic music producer, composer, and session violinist trained in classical and Celtic styles. My production specialties are in ambient, techno, house, and trap styles. I am also very excited about composing for film/game/tv projects!

Hi there! I'm Devon, I release music under the name "space.wolf". I describe my style as Brooklyn underground electronic with a touch of sci-fi and fantasy magic. If you're seeking unique, cutting-edge electronic music or require a session violinist with a flair for improvisation, I will be great fit for your project!

Production Expertise:
As a music producer, I specialize in a variety of genres, including ambient, techno, trance, house, and trap. My compositions often weave emotive melodies and lush textures, creating an ethereal and captivating sonic experience. Whether you're looking for a haunting ambient piece or a pulsating techno track, I have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life.

Session Violinist:
I'm a session violinist with a passion for improvisation. I'll add a touch of emotion and human expression to your music. My heartfelt violin solos can elevate your track from "cool" to "CHILLS" :O

Composition for Film/Game/TV:
If you're working on a film, game, or TV project, I'm here to create captivating compositions that enhance the visual narrative. Let's make your audience feel every moment and transport them into another dimension! Scores that have influenced me are Ex Machina, The Social Network, Journey (Video Game), FFX

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Opposition Ascendant in A Phrygian

I was the producer, mixing and mastering engineer in this production

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