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I create and record music. Specifically, I'm the music engineer on FX Networks' LOUIE and a music producer.

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  • Little Steven
  • Ches Smith
  • David Torn
  • Tim Berne
  • Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul
  • Little Steven
  • Somi
  • Jen Shyu
  • Jazz Passengers
  • Valerie June
  • Randy Ingram
  • Norah Jones
  • Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
  • Doyle Bramhall II
  • Takuya Kuroda
  • Philippe Quint
  • Matt Herskowitz Trio
  • Keith Richards
  • The Word
  • Kris Delmhorst
  • Kris Delmhorst
  • James Farm
  • James Farm
  • Beck
  • Joey Ramone
  • Delta Spirit
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  • James Iha
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35 Reviews

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  1. Review by DENNIS THOMPSON


  2. Review by John M.
    by John M.

    Adam ran multiple back to back marathon recording lockouts for us and did an amazing job. He is tireless, hard-working, super organized and always upbeat (even on the 45th take). What I look for in a recording engineer is real musical expertise and patience. Adam has both in equal amounts.

  3. Review by Kevin Stropki
    by Kevin Stropki

    Adam is a wizard behind the desk! Not only does he understand recording from a technical perspective, but also from an artistic perspective. He is fun to be around, and his humor creates an environment that encourages artists to preform at their very best.

  4. Review by Stephanie C.

    One of the best engineers in the city! We had the opportunity to work with Adam on a full-length album for a 5-piece indie band, and I would hire him again in a second. Adam is fantastic in the studio -- professional, attentive, efficient and doesn't waste time, yet relaxed and super fun to work with. He's got an incredible ear, great insights and gear, and will help you achieve the right tone.

  5. Review by Nathan Larson
    by Nathan Larson

    Adam's the best! His skills, his demeanor, everything...he's a huge asset to any session and I will always call him when I need an engineer/ mixer/ guitarist/ good vibe machine. He's worked with some of the best in the biz and there's many many reasons people keep calling him back in. Thank you Adam!

  6. Review by Ashley Olauson
    by Ashley Olauson

    Adam has been bringing a smile to my face since approximately 2012. He's not only incredibly gregarious and easy to get along with, but his skills are rock solid and he has a heart of gold as well. Adam is definitely an asset!

  7. Review by Aurélien J.
    by Aurélien J.

    Adam is an excellent technician and an accomplished musician. His expertise will push your project to the next level.

  8. Review by Andrea Zeydel
    by Andrea Zeydel

    I've worked with Adam in the past and I have to saw Adam is an incredibly talented engineer and musician. He is an expert in producing quality audio and an excellent guitarist and lyricist. In the studio he is professional and fun to work with, providing guidance for his clients. I highly recommend working with him!

  9. Review by TJ Walstrom
    by TJ Walstrom

    With so many years under his belt working for the best in the business, Adam is a seasoned pro. He has been on both sides of the glass and can bring out the best in any artist.

  10. Review by Neril Sandeep
    by Neril Sandeep

    Adam was our unanimous pick for Chief Engineer. So much to say, where to start? Skills: Expert engineer, experienced musician and producer; Personality: Fast-learner, charismatic, honest, to-the-point; Intangibles: Can-do-attitude, values attention to detail, leads with confidence and follows instructions with humility. Forget reading reviews... one conversation with him and you’ll be convinced!

  11. Review by Damien Shane Moffitt
    by Damien Shane Moffitt

    Adam is an amazing dude. Was super engaged with my band and me when we recorded our debut. Couldn't have been luckier with the beginning of my recording career...

  12. Review by Oscar Zambrano
    by Oscar Zambrano

    I've had the pleasure of mastering numerous projects for Adam. His attention to detail and amazing ears makes all of his work stand out. It's always a good day at the studio when Adam is around.

  13. Review by Otto V.B.
    by Otto V.B.

    A genius behind the board, a beautiful mind behind the music. What can I say about Adam that you can't hear for yourself in any one of his recordings? As a musician, he understands both sides of the music, which allows for him to delve deeper into precision engineering, innovative techniques, and artistic production, while maintaining an endless knowledge of equipment (both vintage and modern).

  14. Review by anthony cole
    by anthony cole

    My name I gave him simply because of his lightning fast skills at fighting the demons and imps of thr sonic necessity!!
    Starfighter can chew gum,talk,mix,edit and "cut and paste" all at the same time on different projects....I WATCHED IT WITH MINE OWN EYES!!!
    Passion.......That is STARFIGHTER!!!

  15. Review by Frank C
    by Frank C

    Adam is a treat to work with. Open-minded, explorative, and QUICK on that board. He's also solid as a stone on guitar!

  16. Review by Brian Delaney
    by Brian Delaney

    My sessions with Adam have been great sounding, efficient and relaxed. He knows the gear and how to get the tunes done while maintaining a comfortable environment. What more could one ask for?!

  17. Review by Serge E.
    by Serge E.

    I've known Adam for many years and I have had the opportunity to work with him on a wide variety of projects. He is a true professional when it comes to music and recording techniques. Most importantly, he genuinely loves music and takes on each project as if it was his own.
    Finally, his guitar pedal collection is absolutely incredible!

  18. Review by DENNIS THOMPSON


  19. Review by Mark Wallace
    by Mark Wallace

    Adam is amazing to work with. He's fast, smart, great personality. I have a high level of confidence in his abilities. Tremendous stamina. Great guy to talk with when you're on a break. He can work for hours on end and never complains. I met him during a project, and I hope to work with him for the rest of my life.

  20. Review by Joe
    by Joe

    I had the pleasure of working with Adam in California. He's professional, knowledgeable, and an all around sweet guy to work with. I look forward to working with him in the future.

  21. Review by D. James Goodwin

    Adam is not only a wonderful engineer to work with, he is a fantastic human. That to me, is as crucial as anything! A smart dude, insightful, attentive, thoughtful, and one hell of a pair of ears!!

  22. Review by Oisin O Malley (mrnorth)
    by Oisin O Malley (mrnorth)

    Solid guy & strong talent. Knows the gear, knows the sounds. No time wasting.

  23. Review by Vin
    by Vin

    Adam is easily one of the most proficient and gifted producers I've had the pleasure of working with. He can help flesh out bare tracks with just the right amount of flourish and make dense tracks lush in a way Dave Fridmann wishes he still could.

  24. Review by Sophie
    by Sophie

    Adam was an engineer at a studio which I managed for several years. He was beloved by clients - not only for his work, but also for his professional and engaging manner. He could work with everyone from high-profile stars to artists recording a demo, and make everyone feel equally comfortable, bringing the best out of their performances.

  25. Review by Miguel B
    by Miguel B

    Dedicated and hardworking Adam is a pleasure to be with in the studio. His demeanor is kind and embracing. He has the remarkable ability to listen to and capture your creative thoughts as well as being a masterful engineer and a top-notch musician. The latest technology and plug-ins are employed when he works, he is a true professional.

  26. Review by Chris O.
    by Chris O.

    I've worked with Adam on many projects over the last decade. His knowledge and level of service/support is unparalleled. He's reliable and always delivers a quality product.

  27. Review by Jeff
    by Jeff

    I've done 2 projects with Adam, one of which I've worked with him on for the last year and a half. He passionately and meticulously takes every detail with the utmost seriousness. He's beyond knowledgeable, extremely easy to work with, and lives for his craft.You will be hard pressed to find someone better to maximize the potential of your project.

  28. Review by Mauki
    by Mauki

    Knows his gear, is fast and fluent with tech, gives great feedback from the control room, great personality. Very easy to work with. Eliminates the hassle and makes for a clear-minded artist. On top of this, a great musician who understands songwriting and production, so his feedback is trustworthy. 5 stars.

  29. Review by Maxfield
    by Maxfield

    I have worked with Adam for years- and it's been a pleasure every time. He's a total pro!

  30. Review by Jackie h
    by Jackie h

    I've had the opportunity to sit in during some of Adams recording sessions as my bf had played music with him and recorded with him in the past. He made the environment comfortable and fun to be in. Adam had great constructive criticism and the final results were outstanding.

  31. Review by Benjamin Wright

    Adam is one of the best. Efficient, knowledgeable, creative, professional.

  32. Review by Julian S
    by Julian S

    Adam is one of the best Producer/Engineers in the NYC area! He knows music, recording, gear, computers, food, social networking and so much more! His work ethic is unmatched and he cares about the artists around him. An awesome guitarist with an arsenal of pedals and a huge network of musicians, he's an asset to any project. Also, he loves PEZ!

  33. Review by Ann Marie
    by Ann Marie

    I have recorded both piano and vocals with Adam, and he is one of the most patient and knowledgeable engineers/producers I have ever worked with. He makes his clients feel comfortable and relaxed above all, and puts great care into every project he works on with a limitless amount of ingenuity, a fresh perspective, and a creative approach.

  34. Review by Matt Kilmer
    by Matt Kilmer

    Adam is my favorite engineer to work with. He knows his way around the studio and gets things done seamlessly. I can always depend on him to get things up and running fast so the creativity can flow without missing a beat. From tracking to mixing, he's one of the best.

  35. Review by Giselle B.

    There is not enough room here to describe all of Adam's talents. I can trust him on any project and know that it's going to come out as I pictured. He has transformed my sound and helped me find my voice. On top of all that, he is just a great person. You are stupid if you don't work with him.

Giselle - "Save Me"

I was the Producer/Mixing Engineer/Recording Engineer/Music Songwriter/Guitarist in this production

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