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Audio Production

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Do you have a song or album that you need mixed? Do you have an album you wish to have help producing? Do you need custom made music for the background of your videos or projects? Need someone to edit your audio?

As an audio producer with 7+ years of audio production, mixing and editing under my belt, I can help you with your audio projects. I can produce, mix or master individual songs or entire albums. I have access to a digital audio workstation, synthesizers, drum machines and a guitar.

Send me an email, shoot me some ideas. I work well collaboratively with others and I welcome all projects. I am open to creating, mixing, mastering and editing all kinds of music and specialize in many different genres. Rock, pop, metal, electronic, hip hop, rap, dance, techno, house, edm, etc.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.


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