Music Produce Composer

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I've had over seven years of experience writing and designing film scores for web series, short films and commercial media.

I've recorded production sound for an award winning web series, an iPhone app and a Public Service Announcement featuring Slash from Guns n Roses. While I interned for Paramount Pictures, I scored, orchestrated and conducted a small ensemble for a short film. For various projects I've designed numerous sounds from ordinary objects including door creaks, stair handrails, elevator shafts and refrigerators. While working in Mallorca, Spain, I oversaw the sound mix for daily concerts at the hotels.

I believe in always pushing the boundaries of music to find out what we will accept as the “new sound.” I don’t think the future of music will rely solely on music itself, but rather in the way it inspires the mind and expands our standards of perfection. I think creating sounds that ignite the imagination and captivate the listener we can give the audience a full audio experience. I’m committed to bringing quality music to filmmakers, producers, educators and game changers of all kinds by blending innovative sounds with orchestral harmonies, synthesizers and sound design. The music that comes out just happens to be pleasing to the ears.

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