Sia Davarnia

Live FOH/Monitor Engineer

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I am a Live Engineer and my job is to create a great sonic experience for your audience, I like to listen to your recordings prior to the concert and get myself familiar with your band so I can be accommodating to your sound. I can read charts so any notation that you like to make in the score, I can be aware during mixing.

I started playing guitar from an early age and was a Music Director for few bands and tour the world with them, after while I felt that there is huge gap between the engineer's mind and musician's mind, therefore I started to doing more Engineering work and as of result I found myself doing more Audio gigs than Music gigs.
My main objective for any band is to make sure they are comfortable on stage first and then make sure their mix at the FOH, represents band the way it should.
I truly believe, an Engineer is crucial part of the band and can create a huge effect to band's performance.
At the same time, It's important to understand what the Musicians are trying to express and reinforce without preconceived images.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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