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Cover Song Playbacks - Hlongwane Fortune YoungTower

Coz the same people that tried to black ball me forgot about two things my black balls

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Mixing, Mastering, Editing. - Mixing, Editing and Mastering


Hello! I have private studio, with wide range of possibilities, from pre-production to mastering. Long experience in music production in different genres Pop, Rock, Jazz etc. Also can help you with any audio processing jobs, like podcast editing, old recordings renovation and more. See my hardware and software list.


EQUIPAMIENTO PERSONAL In- Ears atenuador (– 6dB) 1 microfono Behringer ECM 8000 , placa de sonido Audiobox PreSonus, tester, portatil macbook pro, MultiRack Waves, plugins waves, router cisco, Lenovo Thinkpad X201t

Recording studio - Radhika Nair

I am Radhika Nair, a Content Writer at Autoclickers.xyz. At Autoclickers I got the opportunity to showcase my technical knowledge about the mechanics of clicking and different types of mouse devices and software to be used for click testing.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Daniel Meneghetti

Pensa em gravar sua música e não sabe por onde começar? Conte comigo... Sou produtor musical e técnico de gravação membro da AES (Audio Engineering Society), multi-instrumentista, apaixonado por áudio e nos últimos anos a produção de conteúdo audiovisual tem me encantado com sua magia. Vamos juntos produzir sua música para multiplicar good vibes.

Mixing and Mastering - Aaron Holden

Industry leading productions, mixes, masters, compositions and song-writing. Key skills in mixing, mastering, audio engineering, sound for visual(film)/podcasts. Musical composition, production, sound design and song writing. Proficient in several DAW's, Focal/Adam/KRK VXT8 Monitor systems setup, treated acoustic room and industry standard plugins.

Assignment Writer - Architecture Assignment Help

Architecture assignment help is a top platform covering all assignments in architecture.

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