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Mumbai Based Audio Mixing,Mastering and Reamping Suite available at affordable rates. A hybrid setup consisting of digital and analog equipment ranging from a conventional DAW to guitar amps such as the Marshall JCM800 to Fender Twin reverb. Excellent line of KH o 410 Speakers to cater your mixing needs. Exceptional Audio translation.

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Mixing/Mastering. Stereo/ATMOS - Todd Burke

25 years of experience making records in Los Angeles with the best in the world.

 - Yosi malhi

hi my name is yosi malhi & I'm professional guitar player & musical producer

Composer/Producer/Writer/Mix - Greg Johnson


Greg M Johnson is a media composer, producer, and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. He defines his approach to scoring through his love of experimental sounds/genres and crafting a bespoke sonic world. His work can be heard in his score to Katara Studios' original series, "The Pact" (Roku), and the upcoming Sci-fi series "Medinah."

Songwriter, Audio Engineer - georgetragic

I am currently a graduate of the Conservatory Of Recording Arts & Sciences. My experience in the Audio Industry is wonderful as in the past I have received a Game Audio Network Guild Award which I obtained in 2007 working with Sony Computer Entertainment America On the “God Of War II” Soundtrack.

Expressive 'Singer Songwriter' - Shy Vincent

My energy for one is a contagious source of creation. I am an asset in studio environments allowing individuals to flow freely as I assist with catchy hooks and creative ideas that will help the artist express the content they want to be heard. I am comfortable breaking artists comfort zones swell as staying intact with their sound and or flow.

Session Saxophonist Arranger - Anderson Quevedo

Hello everyone I am Anderson Quevedo and I`m a professional musician, saxophone player, flutist, arranger and composer. I have worked with Criolo ("Nó na Orelha"), João Donato ("Donato Elétrico"), Tulipa Ruiz just to name a few artists. I am willing to write and/or record horns/string arrangements for your song or just a flute or saxophone solo!

Music and beats  - Wey Wey Wanderley

Fire I called my voice

A natural  'Ghost' writer - Mareesa

A totally natural talent for song lyric creation. Just provide me with a message, situation, feeling ect... and l'll create the lyrics to your first or next No1 Hit! Trust. Mareesa x

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