Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Ben Monder

Mastering engineer - Marci Fenyvesi

Full-time mastering expert.

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Remote mixing in ProTools - Yaroslav Ulyanov

I am beginner in this industry and well, just want to get some experience and raise up some additional money while studying in university, so i would work just for a symbolic price) Completed "mixing&mastering with protools" course online in Berklee College of Music

Songwriter & Vocalist - Thea Leora


Hey I’m Thea Leora, I’m a singer/songwriter from Norway. I’ve been in the music industry for 10+ years and have worked on a wide variety of projects as an artist, background vocalist, demo vocalist, songwriter, vocal producer, dubber, and a voiceover-artist. I specialize in Pop, R&B and EDM music. R&B is closest to my heart! <3 Hit me up!

Songwriting, production, Mix. - Jay Atwill

Ghostwriting, Producing, Mixing and touring sideman with a diverse array of Artists. i.e. Coral Egan, Bet.e & Stef, Omi, Lydia & Sebastian.

mix master compose produce  - abishop

Each project I treat as the its the last one, so its gotta be the best yet!

Music Producer - Jae-Killz

Check out the latest singles produced by Jae-Killz on all major streaming platforms. YV Klipz - forgive me (Ft. Lil Chuckee) RamBo757 - no sauce

Mixing Engineer - Adam Fisher

Mixing Engineer with a unique approach and understanding from the live concert and theatre worlds.

Audio and music producer - Göran Setitus / Stemcellar

I am a music and audio producer, with a love for theatrical, dark and cinematic music, be it orchestral, metal or otherwise.

mix/master/composing&producing - Tony Brouzee

I am a latin artist, composer, producer and mix/mastering engineer. I specialize in Reggaetón and work on pop, trap, rock and much more. I have been in the industry for over 15 years and have worked with many of Reggaeton's top artists and producers. Hope to work with you soon.

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