Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Brittni Paiva

Songwriting, Production - BeauxBeats

We are multi award-winning songwriting and production team based in Los Angeles, CA. In addition, we are skilled at bass, guitar, piano, keys, violin, vocals and ukulele. We will customize any aspect of your next project to suit your needs.

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 - Defunk Studios

Hi my name is: Mike! I have been playing drums, guitar, and bass my whole life and recording for 19 years. I have been a part of the Northeast Ohio music scene for 20 years now, and absolutely love it. This area is an untapped resource of incredible musicians and artists. I am always amazed by the creative people I meet and have been blessed to

Music Recording and Production - Platinum Sound Studio

Welcome to Platinum Sound, a music recording and production studio situated in Woodstock, Cape Town. Come and record your single, E.P, album, demo or anything or anything in between.

Music Producer - prodbysorc

Sorc for Sorcerer, cooking up mysterious phunky trap beats on FL Studio for two years now. A few examles: https://soundcloud.com/user-148152179

Remote Mixing and Mastering - GrimdarkProductionStudios

Quality mixing and mastering with analog outboard gear, and mix down on an analog console. I have experience with rock, metal, pop, jazz, RnB, hip hop, and more.

Mastering - Paul MasterMixx Johnson

If it ain't Mixed, It ain't Mastered!

Pop / Indie / Alt Vocalist - Libby Jade

I'm a singer/songwriter able to capture warm melancholic moments through music. I specialize in guitar-driven indie pop and would love to lay down some dreamy vocals for you or help you develop a topline/write together!

Composer, Producer and Mixer - Pieter Bourke

Whether you require production assistance during your project or are ready for final mixing, Pieter Bourke brings his music composing, production and mixing experience to every project. He knows that successful collaboration requires the right blend of musical, technical and communication skills to capture artists and their music at their best.

Pop/ Hip Hop Mix & Master - Anslem Lai

Commercial campaigns and personal projects, let’s make some noise.

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