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Remote Mixing, Music Producer - Stephan

Stephan is a recording and mixing engineer who works with a lot of the midwest Hip Hop and R&B music scene. He is located in Fargo, ND and works out of QS Studios. Stephan has since earned a reputation for clean polished mixes that retain the musicality of the artiste going beyond client expectations.

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Mixing and Mastering - DJ Saint-Hubert

Hi, I don't have much experience in mixing/mastering aside from my own tracks but I've been producing stuff more or less from scratch for about a decade. I work almost 100% digitally with either free tools/VSTs or my own custom Reaper JS scripts (mostly more practical stuff than anything)

Unqiue Instrumentals - Hood2Handle

Hi! I'm Kai from Germany. I produce instrumental music since 2009. Mostly hip hop instrumentals but also trap instrumentals and if you want just film music with unique styles and creative melodies. I love to create good and touching music. But i also love cooking, reading books and hanging out with friends (sometimes ha..)

Vocals | Acoustic | Writing - Jordan Marcotte

Listen, let's work. I specialize in what I can bring you vocally in the studio and my tone sets me apart. I work in one of the best Sony engineered studios in West Hollywood so you can guarantee the quality will be excellent.

Engineer / Producer  - Derek Stanton

Producer / Engineer

Audio Post,  Sound designer - Juan Manuel Mesa

Audio producer and sound engineer for audiovisual projects. Electronic music composer and beatmaker. www.escafandrasonido.com

Remote Mixing & Production - Paul Wittig

One Song mixed for free for you to decide if you are happy with the results.

Tech House Producer | DJ - J D

Are you searching for a tech house producer who can infuse your project with pulsating rhythms, hypnotic melodies, and that unmistakable underground groove? Look no further! With over 5 years of experience in the electronic music scene, I'm your go-to tech house maestro, known for pushing sonic boundaries and creating dancefloor magic.

EDM Music Producer  - Arun

Give a beat, take a beat.

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