Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Denham “Blossom”

Vocal Specialist and PT Wizard - Pierre

Send me your vocal tracks and I'll Comp, Edit, Tune them, and I'll get your session ready for mixing. Artists and major labels have trusted me to handle their vocals, why wouldn't you?!

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 - Pro Sound Recording Services

I am more than happy to work with anyone and will work hard to fit into your budget. I offer multi-track recording with a variety of microphones and equipment, which can make your recordings two times better than CD quality. I have been educated in recording, editing, mixing and mastering and have a degree in audio engineering.

Audio editing, mixing, tuning - Sonia - mixing, editing

Professional audio tuning and editing. Mixing and mastering.

Producer, Mix Engineer   - Marcus "FrazierBOy" Frazier

Billboard Charting Mix Engineer / Producer / Avid Certified Instructor

I Fix Crappy Drums Sounds - drumtweaker.com

I LOVE taking your drums stems - that you aren't happy with - and turning them into a final product that you can use in your mixes.

Mixing & Mastering - Julian Zafra

I can mix any music genre. I adapt to your project obtaining the best result from your productions


This is only for the adventurous, the pioneers, brave. Those who are willing to commit to sounding unlike anyone, and are proud to stand apart. This path is for those who wish to Sound Forbidden.

Mix/Master, Producer - Spent

I'm a queer, non-binary producer, mixer, and masterist based in NE London. My solo project has been covered by an array of sites including MixMag, Noctis, and more. Recently scored Illamasqua's pride campaign film. I specialise in experimental electronic/hip-hop but have extensive experience in trap, hyperpop, EDM, and pop.

Synthwave / Pop Producer  - Rob Shaps

Crafting sonic landscapes with a unique blend of synth-pop, synthwave, 80s, and catchy hooks.

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