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Vocalist and Songwriter - Laila Mol

Skilled vocalist with a dreamy and silky crisp voice specialized in creating catchy hooks and magical harmonies on the spot.

Singer/songwriter multilingual - ANZA

Multilingual singer/songwriter specifically writing lyrics in English and Hindi. Genres I specialize in are pop, indie, folk, electronic.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alberto Lattanzi

Owner of RAdAR LABEL STUDIO | Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Mixing and mastering - Julien B.

Mixing and mastering engineer.

Music Producer,  - VSNX

Bachelor of Music Student at the Reid School of Music with experience producing film music.

Session singer top-line writer - Tilda Landehag

I am an experienced session singer with a powerful tone and a Nordic sound. Previous work has ranged from epic ballads, pop, rock & indie. I work remotely from my home studio in London, but also do face-to-face sessions. I have previously worked on adverts for Sky and Universal, latest song pitched was running on Channel 4 end of this year.

Singer and songwriter  - Eliiiii.G

A small person with a big dream

Songwriter-Singer - Mystery

I write Emotions and sing feelings.

EDM / Pop Music Producer - BKAYE

I am an EDM/Pop music producer and artist that has over 5 years experience in music production, mixing and DJing! I can take your track to the next level!

Animation Graphic Loops - Sealoch Studio

I make professional graphics and videos for CANVAS looping tracks.

Voice Acting, Music Production - Neco Siciliano

Inspired to deliver nothing less than obsessive detail, I will work relentlessly to help you achieve the production value you’re searching for! Since the young age of 3 I’ve practiced music, and in my teens started to develop skills in voice acting and later on I eventually used these skills as a foundation for creating beautiful music and vocals!

Producer, writer, hook machine - Nathaniel Savah

I'm a producer, songwriter, composer, and lyricist. I have produced and written multiple songs with millions of plays.

Music Producer - Andrea Montanari

Music is a hot girl you can't help but lose your mind about. I can't wait to start working with you!

cellist, cello - Congcong Bi

A musician who plays the cello and a cellist who delivers more than a cellist

Music Producer, Composer - jomeffert

Hi, In 2014 I finished my studies at the ArtEZ conservatory in the Netherlands with a Bachelor of Music. Next to my main subject (Guitar, Jazz&Pop) I have studied sound engineering, mixing and production classes as well as composing and arranging courses. I have worked with a wide variety of musicians, bands and artists.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Mariana Hutten

Mari Hutten (ig @mari_hutten) is a producer, mixing, and mastering engineer with a wide range of experience in several genres. Hutten has worked with world renowned producers and projects in jazz, hip hop, classical and pop music, some credits include engineering for Richard King, Eddie Kramer, and Howard Billerman.

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Seyhan Canyakan

Asklepion Audio is a company that deals with audio film, advertising, jingle, sountrack music, publishing, audio recording, mixing, mastering. http://www.asklepionaudio.com

Spanish Songwriter/Composer. - Daniel González

I am a 21-year-old graduate student, poet and singer-songwriter who deals in indie-pop / rock / ballads / gospel. I have been writing songs since I was around 13 years old (it has always been my way of expressing myself) I mainly focus on creating songs with strong lyrics, engraved hooks and catchy melodies.

Songwriter, Topline Vocals - DENAE (formerly Gioto)

Suicide Sheep, LOWLY, Trap Nation credits. Topline Vocalist and Songwriter with over 2 million streams. Independent vocal production/mixing and American Idol Season 9 Top 75 finalist

Music Producer | Mix Engineer - Ole Köber

Ole Köber is a music producer, mixing engineer and songwriter from Berlin, Germany. He‘s worked with several major companies (Sony RCA, Warner Music Group, Universal Electrola) and produced music for tv commercials (Mc Donald's). He coveres a wide range of genres and specializes in modern pop and electronic productions.

Mixing Engineer - Michael Franks

Mixing Engineer who specialises in pop and dance tracks.

Recording Studio Producer - Andy Crosby

Andy is a professional singer/songwriter/producer/engineer with over 20 years experience in making great sounding records, lyric writing, and melody magic. With over 2 million streams in the past year, songs in major films and tv series from Netflix to Disney & professional world class analogue/digital studio Colorado, Andy is a safe bet.

Mixing, Music Producer - LOADJAXX

I'm a Producer. This year, i want make a EP from Pop song ! I have some Pop ID...

Producer-Instrumentalist-Engin - Joe Lugenbühl

All genres Acoustic or Electric, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Ukulele, Mandolin, etc... I make all kinds of music, have a great ear, gear and experience. BM in Pro Audio Production from SU, VA. I work ProTools atm, but know all DAW’s well enough. BM from Shenandoah Conservatory for music, Jazz Guitar Minor, Pro Audio Major. Let’s make hits.

Audio Engineer & Producer - J Stiegler

Career live engineer, off the road and working in my studio from home (thanks COVID).

Music Producer, Mix/Mastering - Matteo Corradi

I worked on many italian top chart songs (2x platinum certifications) and on tv commercials.

Mixing - Mastering - Altitude Music Studio

First Class mixing and mastering for artist.visit my website and listen my projects

Producer/Writer/Session Vocals - Roseau

Session Vocalist and Top Lines Include - Groove Armada (BMG), Lapalux (Brainfeeder), Dels (Big Dada). Solo album released under Ninja Tune. One half of the duo 'Peter and Kerry'. Multi-instrumentalist and Producer/Remixer.

Mixing & Mastering - Agustin Carral

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer.Lately most of the projects I've been working on are R&B, Trap, Hip-Hop and Pop productions with many cultural influences from all around the world.

Mexico - Dkps Gorras

Si todavía no has visto las promociones que tenemos disponibles en la web, haz clic en el enlace que te dejamos a continuación. Así te podrás ahorrar bastante dinero comprando tus prendas.

Músico profesional - Ivan Martin Rosa

A menudo se puede llegar a escuchar que ser músico es una profesión complicada, pero es una afirmación que se hace desde el desconocimiento, ya que mucha gente no contemplan la multitud de puestos que existen en este sector más allá de los más convencionales o simplemente no los conocen.

Producer, composer, Keyboards - Mark Kaye aka M Fearless

EDM Pop Tracks. Funky Dance Groove. If you are an artist that needs modern dance tracks to write to, and record, I can help you. Spotify Mark Kaye, and M fearless.

Vocalist, Songwriter - CARA J

Vocalist and songwriter who's songs have been streamed millions of times on spotify and been placed in HBO, Hulu, Netflix, MTV and many others.

Remote Mixing & Music Producer - Kenneth Murray

I am home mixer and producer looking to fill your tracks with more depth and design and most importantly - variety. With experience working on EP's and singles - I am the perfect fit for someone who wants to work with a lower budget and fast timelines.

Canvas Designer, Video Artist - Eduardo Cruz

I am a video artist who likes to create unique visuals. I create videos for various platforms/fields such as music videos, advertisement videos, social media video contents etc. Canvas videos are my favorite to play around. It's a great way to make creative collaborations.

Canvas Designer - Eduardo Cruz

Hi my name is Eddie and I specialize in queer and edgy 3D animation for Spotify Canvas Animation. If you're looking for something on the sexy-techy side with an Adult-Disney twist and some phallic shaped objects, you found your guy! Lets make an animation that connects my art with your sound. I'm always updating my Instagram - @eddiecreatesthings

Unique EDM Vocalist + Writer - Dear Evergreen

Professional vocalist/songwriter specializing in EDM and indie electronica with over 7 years of vocal production experience. My vocal tone is similar to Sylvan Esso's Amelia Meath, Daughter, and Norah Jones. All files delivered are tuned, timed, and comp'd with dry/wet versions so you can easily drag and drop them into your session.

Music Producer, Song Writer - Caleb Crain

After completely recording, writing, mixing, mastering, and producing an entire album independently, I am excited and prepared to share my experience professionally in the context of collaboration!

Music Producer - Leone Vuetivavalagi

Freelance Recording/Mix Engineer and Producer based in South Wales.

Write, Record, Produce. - Griff Clawson


I have been writing and producing for years as an independent artist and music creator and have worked with multiplatinum-selling writers and producers.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Corey Gray

After recording and mixing for over 10 years, I can deliver a great sounding song that gives depth and clarity to your vision.

International producer/mixer - Douglas Romanow

I ensure the songs and sound aligns for each artist. From initial dream to delivery of masters, I clarify the narrative and help build strong careers making better, competitive, vibrant music.

Audio Engineer, Producer - Charlotte Pardy

Mixing services from pre-grad student with lots of industry credit and expereince, at a competitive price.

Producer, Songwriter, Singer - Greg O'Keefe

With a Bachelor's Degree in the Music Industry from The College of Saint Rose, I have mastered the craft of music production and engineering. I've taken classes in music theory and arrangement that can bring your song to the next level. My unique style of production will elevate your music and put you on the map as an artist.

Creative Audio All-In-One - Erik G. Berger

Unique and ear-catching production and composition!

Music Producer - Jenkki

Official released Remixes for Samantha Fox and similar 80-90’s stars. Also own songs..

Vocalist and Songwriter - Alexandra Sirard

I work in production, I am a songwriter and vocalist mainly. With a degree in Performing Arts and Music with a scholarship from Wayne State University in Michigan. I am looking for collaboration, I write lyrics and melodies, and can record professional vocals.

Remote Mixing & Production - MLSSN Sounds

Mixer, remixer & producer who has worked on all kinds of music since 1996.

Remix, Music Production, Mix - Shutdown

Hi there, do you need to produce or to remix a track? Write me for a free feedback!

Singer, songwriter - Oräcullo

From homemade covers to studio recordings, Oräcullo was invited to participate on The Voice Brazil 2017's edition. Since then, the hours of work have been planned to include the ghostwriting, weddings, closed and public events, compositions and commercials.

mixing, producer - Solostar

Unique mixing with different genres. Produce techno and electronic pop

Podcast Mixing and Editing - Trevor at PodAudio

I can mix, master and edit Podcasts and Audiobooks to their highest possible quality. Good content deserves to be heard. I can help you find your sound.

Producer/composer - Dirtyfrequence

If you dont like it, i havent made it

Music Producer  - PVNZO

I make weird music, hope u enjoy :)

Mixing and Music Production - David Sound Wizard

Traveled the world for 11 years mixing artists like Marina and the Diamonds, Blood Orange, Tove Lo, Sofitukker, Nelly Furtado, Cut Copt, Washed Out and many more

'Music Producer','Sing Author' - D´Steffano GALLEANO

International Musical Producer of various musical styles, I will take your music to the next level.

Production, mixing, mastering - Russell Harley Jones

Dreamy synth focussed producer/beat maker, working with major labels and diy bedroom artists.

Music Producer Mixing&Masterin - Tucanae

You give a song and I'll return it with live and personality.

Songwriting/ Toplines - Vania

A few notable songwriting achievements: * nominated for Swiss Music Awards "Best Hit" for the song "Empire" 77 Bombay Street *co-wrote the official song of the Swiss Woman's National Soccer Team, "United In Red" - Rachel Rinast *co-wrote the official Swiss Song for the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea "Hurry Hurry"- Baba Shrimps

Versatile Music Producer - Caryl Archer

I am an experienced singer, multi-instrumentalist, and writer who specialises in creating original songs and developing them from the early stages to a complete product ready for release.

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