Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Empty Isles

Production/Mixing/Writing - Zach Lardy

I'm first and foremost an artist. I will approach your music as a creative who wants to help you craft something lasting and beautiful. I have been able to be a part of music from mulitlple labels and from many different styles. I have the vision, gear, creativity, and experience to help bring your music to life.

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Mixing & Mastering/ Production - Asmbly SoundLab

Asmbly SoundLab consists of premiere recording engineers and producers with over 20 years of experience specializing in production, recording, mixing and mastering of Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock & Poetic Art. We have an A-List of Grammy Winning Producers/Writers & Award Winning Sound Engineers to develop a great sound for your project.

Music Producer, Musician, - DaComposer

the name speaks for itself. But before I call the name, let me list a few things that gave him this name. Producer, Manger, Director, Musician. Some “I take that back” everybody say he reminds them of Ray Charles. Mr. Andre White The COMPOSER. With many years in this field, and a long resume of acts, he is what you call a veteran.

Surround + Immersive Mastering - Sonovo

Auro-3D, Sony 360 Reality Audio, Dolby Atmos. Mastering studio started amid the deep plunging fjords of Norway's rugged west coast, now on the sunny beaches of Los Angeles. We aim for dynamics, realism, an emotional connection with the listener - goosebumps! Serving producers, labels, studios as well as the broadcast/film industry since 2003.

Music Producer, IT Songwriter - Etto

I'm not able to make music, my feelings do it for me. Everything I write, everything I create is a piece of my soul, memories and hurts.

Session Bassist  - Joe Ayoub


American Idol House Band 2018-2021/Enrique Iglesias/Leonard Cohen/Shakira/Nikka Costa/Liz Pair/Billy Currington/Sara Bareilles/Scary Pockets.....

Sound Bender - GALILEO

We are a team of dedicated musicians that can from start to finish compose & complete any production request.

Producing / mixing - Tight-T

Recording, mixing and producing for almost 10 years now. Big knowhow in punkrock and hiphop

Audio Engineering - Jason Rewits

Hi, my name is Jason and I'm a mixing/mastering engineer. Ready to work on your project whenever you are!

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