Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with England Keep My Bones

Rock, Indie, Pop, Mix Engineer - Neil Thomas Elliott


Professional mixing engineer and producer specialising in rock, indie and pop.

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Producer and pop-rock arranger - Luiz Trevisani

In the beginning of his/her career, even the most talented artist needs coaching. Someone who knows the music market and can analyze the name, the looks, the songs and give an informed (and valuable) feedback. That's your case? Lucky you. Now you can count on Trevisani's expertise and take your artistry to a whole new level.

Producer, Percussionist - Jeremy Parker

Producer, Percussionist

Jeremy Parker, Greensboro N.C. and Saint Augustine FL.favorite_borderfavorite

I have two project studios, one in Greensboro N.C. and the other in Saint Augustine FL. I play in a couple of bands, write songs and help other people sound better.

Recording artist,Songwriter - R.T.A.

I write lyrics/melodies. I specialize in R&B/Hip Hop I Can Also Feature on your song just credit me R.T.A. - I am available on Soundbetter from Tuesday -Thursday. - 10 business day turnaround. - If you would like to receive your project within 48 hours, there's an expedite fee of 20% - All jobs are completed within the order they are received

Mixing & Mastering/Prod. beats - DNVX

I am a music producer signed by various record labels that besides producing does his own mixing and mastering and professionally makes the track sound very high quality.

EDM Music Producer - Asproiu

Music producer and remixer for top artists like The Weeknd, INNA, Alina Eremia, Laris and more.

artist/producer - youllgetoverit

https://overit.bandcamp.com my loops and beatas

Mix/Master Engineer, Producer - George Alexander

I am a Music Producer and Sound Production graduate from Box Hill Institute, Melbourne looking to work with artists on their releases

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Alervnade Studio

Alervnade Studio. We do mixing, mastering, stem mastering, beatmaking

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