Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Enzo Rabelo

Ghost Producing/Mix/Master/ - Unidade

We are a group of producers of music and content creators, we can do everything about your music since the producing,mixing arrangement to the Mastering in form of Ghost Producing or Collaborations to the design's and marketing strategies too. We Resolve. It's your slogan

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 - K Risk

I'm working as sound engineer in studio and live shows/broadcasting. Looking forward to meet and work with musicians and producers around the globe.

Elite Music Production Magic - FR33SOL

You've come to the wizard for your magical piece! With works published on Soulection Radio, theSource and many more. From Dax's "Crackin on my Own" and Armani White's "Public School" , I can deliver an array of sounds to meet your needs. Hard hitting drums, dreamy melodies and riding basslines are all apart of what you can expect from FR33SOL.

Engineer and Mixer - Billy Hickey

I'm an LA based engineer that has worked with many of the top artists and producers in the music industry. This includes a wide array of artists including Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony, Lana Del Ray, Afrojack, RedOne, and many many more. I'm always looking for new and inspiring artists and music to work with.

Music Producer, Mixing, Master - AFMM

I'm a half Dutch/Spanish musician, Music producer, Mixing and Mastering, Songwriter and singer at AFMM records www.AFMM.EU www.AFMM.NL

Singer,songwriter - DASA

"Sad pop music addict"

Rnb star - Mds


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