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MusicProducer MixingMastering - Electric Rhyme Productions

Our competence in every aspect of the audio post production chain makes life easier for directors and producers. Communication is key and time is of the essence so cutting down the number of companies involved helps all parties. We like to work on projects of all sizes so don’t worry, your project is as important as the next.

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music recordist and mixer - Joram Pinxteren

Based in the Netherlands and with 20+ years as pro engineer, I work for a broad clientele ranging from local bands to international companies and from singer/songwriters to orchestras. An important part of my work is mixing film, television and trailer music.

Mixing/Master Engineer - Richard Fountain

My name is Rich. I am the owner and Head Sound Engineer at Majestic Studios. Here we strive to elevate your music to its highest potential. I became an engineer because I have a real passion for music! I started out recording people in my city/neighborhood and enjoyed helping to capture the best recordings and producing mixes that stand out!

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Zach "Wolf" Goggans

A Mastering Engineer, I've been a part of over 100 records. I consider myself a mastering engineer, but rarely am I limited to that. I refer to mastering as the "last final step" you have before releasing. My ears can hear all bad frequencies and audio issues IMMEDIATELY. I have the ear for making great tracks.

Mastering (Full Analog or VST) - Steinberg Mastering

It is a day's work to master a track, for an experienced engineer. It is a surgical procedure that requires attention to every frequency, transient, effect, instrument, and vocal. Then sleep on it, and back to polish the diamond again when the ears are re-charged. It is not possible to do a pro mastering, by a renowned engineer, for peanuts.

Animator & Illustrator - Elodie Delassus

Hello! I am a product designer with experience in animation and illustration.

Hip-Hop, Alternative, Lo-Fi  - Kurant

Lo-fi Hip-hop producer/Classical Pianist. Looking to work with artist and audio/visual works. Prices can be varied depending on the project. Please view my previous work on Spotify to see if my style will fit your needs.

http://atonementwestfield.net/ - Atonementwestfield

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