Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Frische Fische

Songwriter/Producer/Mixing - Bilgi S.


I'm a songwriter/producer and mixing engineer located in Zurich, Switzerland, specializing in Electronic Pop, Pop and R&B. My productions have been aired on radio stations worldwide and have gathered millions of streams on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, etc.. Now offering Dolby ATMOS Mixing services!

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 - Bulldog Studio

Bulldog Studio is a young production company responsible for creating, producing, directing and coordinating the artistic needs that our client look in the music industry, advertising, film and television.

Outsourced Mixing & Mastering - Legacy Creative Industries

My name is Steve Weatherbie, and I produce, and release records under the stage name “Crossworm“. I am the CEO, and lead Engineer at Legacy Creative Industries LLC here in Grand Rapids, MI, USA. More information can be found at http://crossworm.net audio examples here: http://www.audiomack.com/album/crossworm/legacy-mastering-services

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Nemi Adhaduk

Hey! I'm Nemi Patel. I've worked in the music industry for few number of years and I'm bringing my expertise to Sound better!! I'm a mixing and mastering engineer + Guitarist.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Joshua Dorsett

I have been Mixing and Mastering for the past 10 years. I use a hybrid approach with both Analog and Digital Processing. I like to think of what I do as highlighting emotions; Shiny and Glossy is not always the right choice. I want to make the music have the most impact that it can.

I'll make you sound good! - Syntonic Sound

Original Sound Design, Background & Ambiences, Composition, Editing. Mixing and Mastering

Singer/Songwriter/Top Line - Alec Dockery

I've been singing all my life and professionally in Nashville for 9 years now. I've sang countless demos for songwriters that have been pitched to multiple country artists, although I'm mainly a pop/rock/r&b style singer. I've also written my own music, collaborated with many writers and have had my own song hit top of the charts in Texas.

Blistering, Thick Mixes - Pale Horse Sound

I specialize guitar bands and authentic mixes.

Mixing, Composition, Pianist - MPire Productions

Mix engineer, composer and songwriter.

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