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Remote Mixing & Mastering - Stereo Lunch


Stereo Lunch was created to offer professional remote mixing and mastering. Head engineer and producer Chris Hughes has a decade of experience and has mixed artists from all over the world. He is the mixer of choice for legendary producer Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, Blondie).

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Music producer and Songwriter - Checho Jimenez Campos

Hello , I am Checho Jimenez Campos an Costarrican songwriter and composer with 16 years of experience creating songs in different styles from Reggae fusion to rock and latin rythms . I can create songs lyrics in Spanish, English and Portuguese since i speak these 3 languages.

Music Producer - Kronstudios

I write & produce Music for various Artist and Labels for Commercial releases. I have written music for the CBS TV series Scorpion, just to name a few. My focus is Melody, Beat and song structure. I would be happy to help your project by providing you with expensive production at a reasonable cost.

I Mix & Master vocals only.  - Purpose Beatz

I've had some experience with Mixing and Mastering previously. Although it was not on a professional website/platform, like this. This is where I want to build as a creator, while building relationships musically. I'm ready to make great records.

Music Producer/University Stud - DJ VEKTOR

I believe my music can create an impact to the listener. I always go about asking myself what did i do unique in the track, before release. I can Produce something good that you haven't heard before.

Mixing, Recording and Editing - FatFish Recording Studio

Hi! My name is Dries, I'm a Dutch Producer and Music Engineer. I have been making records since the age of 18, the first of which was a solo project I wrote, recorded, mixed and distributed all by myself. It was also pressed to vinyl!

 - Keybrain

Keybrain - (Electronic Music Producer) "Synthwave, Darkwave, Soundtrack, Rock & Metal, EBM, Coldwave" He currently lives in La Spezia, Liguria (Italy), where he composes his music. He is also part of an Electronic Music Duo or "DEH (Doubts Even Here)" and manages his own music production label "NeoGlove Records".

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