Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Gullen

Recording Studio - Newton Audio

Recording studio based in Barcelona Managed by Carlos del Valle and Ivan Lorenzo

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 - Aegis Audio

Aegis Audio is the studio made by the musician, for the musician. We understand that your music is your art, and that putting your music onto a CD for the world to hear is the epitome of a musicians career. We're here to make that experience one to remember. We offer recording, editing, mixing and mastering for all your audio requirements.

Sound designer, Composer - Davide vannuccini

10 years experience in designing sound and compose music for any kind of media with a background of a classical musician, always trying to keep a line between artistic and technical stuff to achieve the maximum result with punctuality and kindness.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Duncan Johnson

I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music with degrees in Songwriting and in Electronic Production & Design. I am an award winning singer, songwriter, and producer.

Writer, Photographer, Artist - Malik Row

My mission is to stay true to the core roots but spread like a universal tree. "Let's Connect And Unit". From song writing, rapping/singing, producing and photo/film edits I can provide you with the top notch creative edge to set you apart from the rest. I have worked with David Wade, Chad Dexter, Tito Lopez, Kal Duzay, Young Chop etc.

Studio Drummer  - Keith Anderson Prior

I'll record great drumming for you.

 - 28

I'm a hip hop/rap artist, I'm number one on reverbnation, for my community. Check Out 28 on ReverbNation! - http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/artist/8262658. if you need a writer, producer, mixer, I am your guy.

Mixing & Producing (Any Genre) - MiniOTFB

Offering high quality mixing & production for ALL genres. I studied at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Arizona and interned at Premier Studios NYC. Mainly trained with heavy metal, country, pop, & hip-hop.

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