Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with hasdee

Music Mixing - Ignacio Etchegaray

Creative mixer for creative music. I am a record producer with a wide musical taste and experience as a musician, recorder and mixer, I feel confident that I can do a unique mix for you. To me, a good mix should be bold and make a sonic statement, but also feel as if it isn't there, inviting you to immerse in the world of the music.

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Vocal Editing/Pitch Correction - Brickfield Audio

Amazing sounding vocal tracks for your record.

Brazilian bassist & producer. - Diogo Brown

Hi, my name is Diogo Brown. I'm a Brazilian bassist, producer and composer. I've worked with major artist such as Gloria Estefan, Buika, Julio Iglesias Jr, Paul Stanley (Kiss), Nouvelle Vague, as well Brazilian icons such as Daniella Mercury, Alcione, Vanessa Da Mata, Elba Ramalho, Fernanda Abreu, Chico Pinheiro, Joyce Moreno and others.

Vocalist, Guitarist, Texturist - Austin Colwell

I focus on organic, nuanced and emotional recording styles. If you need intimate vocals, ambient guitar work, or just that extra layer to take your track from digital to delicate, I’m your guy!

Music Producer - Aashish Victor

A passionate music producer determined to work hard and excel in the music industry, with professional experience in live and studio environments, DAWs and Analog equipment. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, who is confident in making creative and impactful music.

Music Producer - Tiago Orato

I'm a music producer, mixing engineer & sound designer from Portugal. My love for music started when I was young and was introduced to music through my first guitar. I love to explore different sound and to try new stuff when creating music. I've been working with some great artists from Portugal, and connected overseas with many more.

Mixing&mastering - Mohammad hudaif

Best edits, best quality...

Hip Hop Music Producer - Elixrbeats

I have worked with artists including rappers; Mist, Shiki TMNS, Willow K and singers; Yaz and Lavera. I have a diploma in Piano Jazz performance and obtain a music degree from King's College London University.

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