Heavy Metal Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

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Tracking, Editing & Mixing  - Zealot Media & Production

For all You music needs Zealot Media and Production has got your back. From advise in the music industry to marketing your creations. One stop shop to get all your musical ideas to audio.

Recoding Mixing Engineer - Naruki Koangaya

I am a Japanese recording, mixing engineer. I have been working as a sound engineer since 2012 in Japan. I was working at a studio in Japan, and I have created mainly by Advertisement music with Japanese companies. Of course, I also recorded by many bands music and incidental music with regarding TV or Cinema.

Mixing & Mastering - Andrew Johnson

We will make your mix SLAP!

Singer, vocalist - Pete Rawcliffe

If you are looking for a vocalist with a completely different sound then stop and take a look!

Remote music prod and mixing - Renato Angelo

Transforming your dream into music!

Songwriter/Music Producer - Sean Batty

Hello everybody, I am a songwriter & music producer based in Canada. I specialize at writing heavy metal, hard rock, punk rock and also rap/hip-hop songs. I am ready to work with anyone who needs help, and am easy and willing to work with you to get you the song you want. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks,always at your service, Sean Batty

Online Mixing & Mastering - Cherished Mixing

Clear, concise, cherished, and musical mixes. I specialize in Heavy genres of music, Core, Djent, Punk, Etc... Get your music sounding the way you think it should.

Remote mixing and mastering - Manuel Gattoni

Certified Audio Engineer

Lyricist and Poetry writer - Vhannar Lord

I am a unique artist in in his unique way to compose. I might try to surprise you. My poems will fill you and your song worn amazing or mythical feelings. Each poem I will provide you give the best feelings about different topics. You choose.

Producing, Engineering, Mixing - Taylor Young

Audio engineer and recording studio specializing in all things loud and distorted.

Education - Joseph Ford

Online Educational Assistance

Content writer - JanetDAnderson

I am fond of playing casino games

I am a professional writer - ChristinaBassett

We provide dissertation writing assistance in The UK. Our team is highly motivated to assist students who have difficulty writing their essays and assignments because of any reason. We have been serving students for many years , with specific goals, high standards as well as work excellence and an outstanding reputation.

Mastering - Louie Gonzalez

I want to help take your music to the next level!!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Sonicwerkz Production


Kai, the man behind Sonicwerkz Production is a music producer and audio engineer based in Singapore. As a mixing engineer, he has had the chance to work with many independent musicians and bands of varying genres from all over the world. Kai works passionately to serve the song, while creating a musical mix that will sound great everywhere.

Mobile and studio recordings - Black Cave Recordings

Black Cave Recordings is an Edinburgh-based company that offers mobile and studio recording for bands, mixing & mastering services and music production lessons.

Vocals, Production - Cleo Kaerf

I'm a music and commercial producer. I've worked with dozens of small time bands, and I'm currently producing for 3 radio stations. I've worked on a variety of genres, I also produce podcasts and advertisements.

Recording/Mixing/Mastering - Neil Schneider (Loft Studios)

Hi! I'm Neil Schneider, 24 years old, from Troy, NY and I've been a musician from right out of the womb. Ever since I can remember I've always loved music, playing it, listening to it, and now for the past 5 years recording it! I've been a drummer for 14 years, playing in many different bands of different genres. I love all styles of music!

Mixing\Reamping\Mastering  - M A H Studios

Hi. I'm John from newly opened M A H Studios. We produce beats, compose music for video games, mix and master songs in various genres

'Recording Studio', Mixing' - Epsilon Recordings

Located near Seattle, WA. Here at Epsilon Recordings we offer mixing, mastering, song-writing and recording at a very affordable price.

Remote Mixing and Mastering, - Ravina

Remote Mixing and Mastering. Music Producer Session Guitarist Low Prices

Mixing, Music Producer - Liron - Chime studios

When music is in need of some help

Mixing Engineer - Brandon Morris

Professional Mixing for Metal genres from Djent to Doom.

Keyboard Synths and Guitar  - John F Moon

Guitarist Keyboardist based in Southern California.

Remote mixing and mastering - j_ret

Worked with the coyote cowboys and Skynyrd cover bands. Love raw retro sounds.

Metal Vocalist, Mixer - Evgen Zoidze

I'm a metal vocalist with more than 10 years experience, and work as a session vocalist for more than 7 years now. I can sing in different genres of metal and rock music using a variety of clean and extreme vocal techniques.

Crossover Rock/Classic Singer - Monica Possel

I'm a professional singer. I'm a Soprano singer. I have some crossover techniques, including classical/operatic vocal; drives vocals like growl and scream; belting; pop vocal; etc. I'm a voice actress too. If you want a female vocal to do some samples, audio, films, and etc, send me a message.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Alex

Hi, I'm Alex, a Mixing Engineer / Producer from Paris. Working in my Home-Studio for several years, I offer my services to groups / musicians / singers who wish to record / mix / masterize their songs, with a 'professional' result.

Recording Studio - Carmina Studio

Metal, Progressive Metal, Tracking, Time Editing, Pitch Editing, Mixing, Mastering

Mixing & Mastering  - Simone Carriero

5 years of experience in digital mixing and mastering.I'm graduated in automation engineering and I studied as sound technician at APM school in Saluzzo which is one of the best in Italy. If you want a mix or master you should send me stem WAV. files

Music Producer, Songwriter - Scott Gross

Original guitarist/songwriter for the NY based band From Autumn to Ashes. Now freelance Producing, Songwriting, Mixing and Engineering with a long list of clients and credits in Rock, Hop-Hop and Pop. Have songs on Freddy vs. Jason Soundtrack, When Punk Goes Acoustic, Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Composer, Producer, Guitarist - André Law

Musician, Mixing Engineer and Producer from São Paulo, Brazil

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Pedro Mau

From the most Brutal Metal to delicate Pop Rock ballads, we'll get you sounding awesome.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Soundseducer Studio

transparent, powerful, modern sound - bring your sound to life

Remote production - Screaming Metal Blood Axe

I write, record, mix, master, produce, sing, and play. I have an arsenal of tools at my disposal and I mostly use them for evil. Help me help you make something dope.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Grayson Carpenter

I'm well versed in mixing and mastering for hip-hop as well as heavier genre music. I produce and create beats. I'm also available to record and mix drum tracks for any genre.

Production, mixing, mastering - Dan Ferguson Productions

You deserve to be excited when you turn it up and hit play, regardless of your situation. Want your music to sound the way YOU want it to sound? I will get it there! I have experience in delivering this with professional studio AND home recording productions. If this sounds like you, hit me up! Let’s work together.

Remote mixing - Timothy Pease

Hey y’all! So like many of you, I have an obsession with music. I began my musical journey when I was ten years old when I picked up my first guitar and have been on a dedicated path ever since. I have been mixing my own music for the past 5 years. I specialize in modern metal, ambient music and folk. I’d love to work with you!

mix and mastering - hamidreza

CEO at mostaghel studio-sound engineer-

Mixing & Mastering - Lo

Musicien since I'm 8th and a sound engineer who developed his skills for more than 8 years, I can help you if you want to sound unique !

Recording/mixing/mastering - Chris wood

New school gear, old school methods, top of the line productions without cutting corners. I will not stop until you are happy.

Doc by day, mixer by night - Dr. Fix Your Mix

I'm a Doctor by day and professional studio engineer by night.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - James Hyatt

Metal and Rock Mixing Engineer based out of Toronto, with a passion for sound design

Mixing & Mastering - Paco García

Mixing and mastering engineer from Mexico City, i´ve been working with metal/rock bands since 2013

Musician - Evan Laszlo

Films, commercials, you name it

Remote Metal Mixing - Bret Fickes

Have you been sleeping on your dream? Then consider taking a second chance with me.

I make things sound good. - Deepest Sea

I'm an asshole with a fetish for sounds

Sound Design, Mixing - Carlos Carvão

Sound Designer, Producer, Recording Tech and Mixer currently doing a Music Technology Top-Up in Southampton Solent University. Based in Southampton, UK, he has produced, recorded, mixed and/or mastered works by CRUA, MASSA MERDOZA, ANDRÉ HENCLEEDAY, THE REAKTORS, films and own works.

Recording Studio, Mix & Master - Madhouse Productions

A team of producers, engineers and songwriters helping your music to sound as big and professional as you are used to hear it in radio and tv. Come in and visit our studio in Berlin!

Audio editing /Mixing/Masterin - Mohaméd Balègi

I am an audio editor /mixing and mastering enginner I can help you get to the next level with your music

Remote Mixing And Mastering  - Black Talon Audio

I will take your raw multi tracks and turn them into crushing, powerful and super heavy mixes.

Session Musician / Mixer - Mario Franca

Session guitarrist fluent in a range of styles from Metal to Pop.

FoH & studio mix engineer - Dani G.

Hey! Dani here!. I've been here for around 20 years, working from top-class productions and arena World tours, to small bands albums or club shows. And I love them all!!!. If you want to add the extra punch to you studio or live sound then I'm the right guy!

remote mixing & mastering - Spacelab Mixing (Germany)

Worked with Delain (NL), Mentalist (D), Haken (UK), Luca Turilli's Rhapsody (IT) and Nuclear Blast Rec. Napalm Rec. Massacre Rec. 23 years of professional experience. Christian "Moschus" Moos aka Spacelab Mixing is a professional mixing engineer in Germany. Produced or mixed over 150 albums from many bands in the hard and heavy genres.

Creativity Consultant - Jimethea

Multi-Instrumentalist with a Creative Perspective Looking to Breathe New Live into your Music!

Mixing & Mastering - Ghostwav

Mixing Engineer, Guitarist - Tommy Vasta

I can create great professional mixes for a price anyone can afford. I can also assist in the writing / programming process.

Music Composer - Maks Simchenko

I'm a composer, producer, and self-confessed music maniac who creates different kinds of music, including synthwave, ambient, electronic rock, industrial, and trailer soundtracks.

Session guitarist/bassist, mix - Current

Multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and producer, solo artist and composer with 3 solo albums, and 2 band albums released.

Editing drums, guitar, bass - Vlad Annenkov

My name is Vlad and I am the owner of a studio located in the city of Kharkov in Ukraine. I have played the guitar in many projects and gained a vast amount of experience. Music has been a huge part of my life for the past 30 years, so I have become a sound engineer and professional guitarist and bass player.

Session Bassist and Guitarist - Ryan Mortimer

Experienced Bass Player, Guitarist and recording engineer with over 15+ years experience. Working across multiple genres, I prefer to work within Post-Hardcore, Metal, Heavy Rock & Indie genres.

Músico loco independiente - Mario Perez

Cuando su bebé puede usar una hamaca: Las hamacas son seguras para los recién nacidos, por lo que no tiene que esperar hasta que su bebé alcance cierta edad para comenzar a usar el asiento. Lea las recomendaciones en el empaque para conocer las restricciones o pautas de uso.

Music Producer - Kars Landman

I am a music producer and singer/songwriter, working in several genres. My own music is mostly metal with all kinds of sub-genres thrown into the mix, with sometimes a foundation in a calmer genre like classical, ambient, rock or jazz. I have released several records on Spotify, with critical acclaim on SputnikMusic.


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