Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Kid-Oh

Songwriter-Melodies & Top Line - Ben

I've been writing and producing music for the past 8 years. I love music and the feeling that coincides with being able to help bring a piece of art together with craftily written lyrics and catchy melody.

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Music Producer/Audio Engineer - Michael Zarucki

Berklee College of Music Alumni with +5 years of work experience as a recording and mixing engineer and as a music producer.

Mix and Master Engineer - John Elliott

Having acquired 18 years of experience at the (relatively) young age of 34, shows the passion I have for music and its surrounding industry. To state 'music is my life' would be both poetic and biographical. Whilst I am proud of many things, my favourite would be the design, build and opening of my studio facility, Loft Music Studios.

Song-writer/Musician - Brendan Duffey

Hello! Singer and guitarist of 4 years and song-writer of 7 years!

Remote Mixing & ITB Mastering - Kellen Bolger

I've been on both sides of the desk, both as a mix engineer and as a touring musician. I will give you solid, punchy mixes.

Recording Studio - Producer - P&M Records

Sound Real System. We combine the best techniques from the past with the highlights of the new sound. We seek for the perfect balance - the perfect sound. We look for the special characteristic that will capture the audience and make our artists stand out from the rest. A slightly more spatial sound, a little more rare, and different.

One Stop Shop - DefBoyProductions LLC

DefBoyProductions LLC / DefBoyRecords is The number 1 record label.in Louisville Ky.

Producer, Engineer, Executive - Pham

I have amassed over 300 million plays on a song. When it comes to creating music, I tend to get very artistic, meaning I love expanding the artistic vision of clients and collaborators I work with. My music has no specific genres.

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