Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with La Ciudad

Remote Mixing / Music Producer - Jano Lavalle

I mix and-or produce music for fearless musicians who needs to express themselves with creativity and authenticity. "Know the rules to break the rules".

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Recording, Editing, Mixing - Tanner Danielson

Hello, I am Tanner Danielson. Audio Engineer from Salt Lake City, UT. I am a Graduate of The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, in Phoenix, AZ. Graduating in 2009 and working in the music industry since. Currently work for Warner/Chappell Production Music in Salt Lake City.

Sound Mixing - LBS Studio

Hello, I'm a 22 years old sound engineer, I mix in some post-production studios for television programs and have my home studio where I spend my time to compose and mix music. Feel free to call on me, I'm open to any offers from Edit to Mix through battery programming and music arrangement.

Singer, Mixing and Mastering - April Bambao

I am an R&B singer. I love to add harmonies to sweeten or strengthen up the sound of the track.

What you need about music. - Pitú

Hi, I'm Pitú. I'm a brazilian musician (singer, guitarist and multi instrumentist) with plural influences: bossa nova, rock, jazz, blues, pop, soul, funk, etc. I live in Madrid by for now I'm in Portugal for a while (well... corona). I also mix and edit songs. Hope I can help you!

Song Lyricist - Taylor Schealler

Creative and unique lyrics every time!

violin/arranger - Maria

Professional Violinist and arranger.

Vocals Alto Sax Engineering - Gaige Cooper

Hi my name is Gaige and I am a classically trained Alto Sax player with 7 years experience. I also can sing, play snyth, and I am also do all my own audio engineering!

Producer/Multi-instumentalist - Esteban Obando


Have tons of demos that you can't seem to finish? Or half-written songs that you know have potential? I can help you finish your songs. I am a Berklee College of Music Alumnus and have a diverse skillset as a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I specialize in indie, pop/rock, folk and singer/songwriter.

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