Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Lacun Coil

Mixing, mastering engineer. - Transient Studio

I,m trained mixing engineer, composer.

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 - FirstRow Studios

Nuestro equipamiento se pone a tu servicio desde que entras en el estudio, ofreciendote nuestro sistema técnico optimizado para todo tipo de estilos musicales. Nuestra filosofia es hacer que tu trabajo conserve la esencia que tu quieras transmitir y ademas darle el nivel profesional para que tu imagen sonora sea de calidad.

 - The Silence Killers

We are audio engineers/music producers who have been involved in the business for over 8 years individually, and three years as a team.

Singer songwriter, - Mahmood Khan

I have been producing music for over 20 years. I am a sound engineer by trade and over the years developed myself as a writer, producer, vocalist and Film maker. In 2020 I have 7 singles at number 1 on the US and Australian Itunes charts. I also scored a Billboard number 1 on the Classical Album crossover charts. For more info mahmoodkhan.net

Dark Pop Music Producer - Kara Greskovic


I'm a dark pop, alt z producer with a knack for unique vocal production and modern pop sound design. I also do a bit of country, including a modern spin on classic Americana sounds. I usually get noticed for being a young female producer, but make a lasting impression because of my talent.

music designer and beatmaker - Ra vega

I see sounds since i was little, i like composing new challenges every day, for me the world was made with music.

 Bouzouki-oud-louth musician - Constantine Velliadis


My name is Constantine Velliadis, i live and work in Greece. I´m an session musician. I have over 20 years of live gigs experience with the greatest greek artists. My main instrument is the greek bouzouki, but also i play the oud, the louth, mandolin , saz, guitar.

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