Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with martin elias

Mixing, Mastering - Daniel Velez "Vlez"

Mixing and Mastering Engineer with one mission, make your song the best it can be. An amazing final sounding record is my passion and i work everyday for it.

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Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Drew Christ

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer that can take your raw tracks and ready them to stream for Spotify or Apple Music to reach the masses.

music producer,mixing engineer - Ruralarea Productions

Kevin “Rural” Whyte has more than 15 years in the fields music production and mixing for artists worldwide. Mr. Whyte is also a unique artist known as Rural, has achieved great success with his lyrical depth and melodious delivery worldwide with DJs spinning his hits in rotation as far as Africa, Europe, Jamaica and USA.

Song writer, Singer, Rapper, - OGfresh (Original Gfresh)

Remote mixing and mastering - Lux Media

Having engineered and produced for dozens of artists, including Rich Gang artist Bleu Davinci, and amassing millions of play in the process, I know what it takes to turn your sound from questionable to marketable.

Session bassist, vocalist - Dillon Brown

Growing up in a family associated with music, the groove was in my blood. I began singing in the church choir at 6 yrs. old started playing bass at 10, and have participated as a vocalist and an instrumentalist in competition ensembles for the past 4 years. Music is all about groove and time, and the good Lord blessed me with both.

Singer, Producer - Ezra

Male vocal with a lot of emotional caracter. I also produce (dark)pop/edm style of music.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Silk Vine Studios


Silk Vine Studios will deliver the highest of radio quality for musicians, podcasters, film, and more. SVS is proud to maintain their high quality work that clients love.

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