Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Milliner

Remote Hybrid Mixing - Springtone Sound

Experienced mixer with a tasteful collection of outboard to get unique sounds and a dynamic mix that serves the song.

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sonic art and sound design - psionics

RANDOM DIGITS. TWISTED WAVEFORMS. HARMONIC AMBIGUITY. Psionics explores indeterminate processes, electronically generated sounds and subverted harmonics to create sonic worlds that envelop the listener. The artist rarely resorts to simple stereo preferring ambisonic speaker configurations and disturbing multi image projections to further immerse.

 - MAC

Can't wait to unleash my creativity here!

Online Audio Mixing & Mastering - MixtapePros

The Best Resource for Online Mixtape and Album Services. We offer affordable packages featuring quality Mixing, Mastering, and Graphic Design for Mixtapes, EP's and Albums with Satisfaction Guaranteed! Know that you wont find professional trained engineering or graphic design services online for a better price!

Mixing and Mastering - Joe Millard

Hello! I have been a recording/mixing/mastering engineer for over 7 years now, and would love to work with some of the awesome people on this website. I am mainly in the box, and I guarantee a top quality sound.

Mood Creator - Xcelence

I have 1 Platinum plaque and 2 Gold plaques!!!!!! I Can Produced ALL STYLES of Music!!!!!!! New R&B, BoomBap HipHop, Trap, House Music, Pop

A Songwriter Duo- Song Makers! - Neon Productions

We are two individuals, part of a team of creatives, living in the musical hub of Lisbon. We write in any style, for any reason, and produce results quickly. From composition to the Master, we gotchu! We Love music, and we want you to feel the love everytime we work together. Teamwork makes the dream work, and with Neon and You, we can make magic!

Vocalist, Top Liner, Lyricist - Evie Balfe


Professional BBC radio supported artist & touring backing vocalist.

Maker Of Music Casseroles - Heath Allyn

A one-man music machine, start to finish. Wearer of many music hats. A musical milliner. Versatility is key. I've spent almost 40 years accruing as many tools in my tool box as possible. All genres and mediums. I've been told by many that I'm quite the breeder of ear-worms.

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