Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Nina Astrom

Sound-engineer - Johnny Hulst

25 years of mixing experience, and I mean experience from rock to jazz to hiphop to country I've done it all, including winning songs on eurosongfestival etc...

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 - Stephan Scholz

live sound engineer since 2002 (front of house, monitoring, broadcast)

Mixing - Esther R.

Hi! I am a musician (singer-songwriter) who loves life and it's lovely soundtrack! Being that I cannot live without music, I studied sound and music production. I am currently working with mixing, editing, and songwriting.

Sound Engineer, Music and Post - Joe Romersa SHADOW BOX STUDIO

I've worked on Grammy Award winning projects as a sound engineer and musician! In post production for films I've done ADR, Sound Design and Foley, Re-Recording mixing as well as Production Mixing with a boom and lavs. Worked pro studios, but my home studio, SHADOW BOX STUDIO, has everything needed to produce great sounding music or film projects!

Audio Production and Etc - Chandra mouli(leethelooper)

Hi, Check my mixes and if you find what you're looking for, feel free to message/get in touch.

Engineer and Mixer - Billy Hickey

I'm an LA based engineer that has worked with many of the top artists and producers in the music industry. This includes a wide array of artists including Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony, Lana Del Ray, Afrojack, RedOne, and many many more. I'm always looking for new and inspiring artists and music to work with.

Producer/Writer/Vocalist/Mix - Kori James

Quality service and affordable rates for artists of every level!

Musical Artist, Music Producer - Leroy Mendez

Incredible Work rate!

Hip Hop Music Producer - Marc Papers

Hire me for that top tier radio sound! We specialize in making Hip-hop & R&B Insane beats for sale so you can make them hits HQ audio engineering Mixing & Mastering

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