Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Portuguese Symphony Orchestra

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - João Ganho

An audiophile sound engineer for any music genre, from classical music to hip-hop. No muss, no fuss.

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Mixing & Mastering - Eric AJ

Budding mixing engineer looking for works to prove myself. Willing to work at low cost.

Multi-genre Singer-Songwriter  - Evan

Sweet, soulful crooner, multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Pro-guitarist, bass player - Stevie B

Howdy, Ya'll. Pro player with pro gear and pro attitude. Got those country chops, those funky licks, and that low end you need for your tracks. Quick turnaround, great results. Let me make you better.

Arranging, Mixing, Producing. - Allan Keen

I am a music producer and mix engineer. Multi-instrumentalist: guitar, bass, keys, midi/beats programmer. I can arrange and score for brass, strings and orchestra. I have had my own music and media company since 2009 and specialise in singer-songwriter/americana/indie pop genres. I can be your session player or produce your entire track/EP/album.

Comprar Prep - Comprar Prep

Si necesitas saber donde comprar prep madrid, cualees son los efectos secundarios de tomar prep o cuanto cuesta (prep precio) echa un ojo a esto. En la web encontrarás la más completa información acerca del prep online españa. Si eres aficionado a prácticas de alto riesgo el PrEP es muy efectivo frente al VIH

Producer,Engineer,Mastering - Low 808

I offer four years of experience in Audio engineering,Producing, Mixing and Mastering, Melodyne and Autotune which will make me a strong candidate for this opening. Id welcome the opportunity to speak with you if you feel id be a strong candidate for this or any other position in your organization.

EDM Music Producer - MØØNCAKE

EDM Music Producer, looking for the right people to connect and make awesome music.

Mixing Engineer - Geoffrey Michael

Top end radio mixes for an affordable price.

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